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- 23/01/12 - Gemstone Enhancements in Detail – Irradiation Treatment

This is our Detailed explanation of Gemstone enhancements and treatments. In this section we are going to read about Irradiation Treatment.

The process of irradiation involves the exposure of a specimen to one of a variety of radiations. There are 5 types of rays which are. Ultraviolet, X-rays, Gamma rays, Neutron rays and Electro beam.

The most commonly used isotope for radiation of gemstones is Cobalt-60, because they have a long life period before it changes back to Cobalt-59.

Due to the radiation process the color of the gemstone is improved. A good example will be the Blue topaz which is a irradiated gemstone to get the blue color in the topaz. Is it safe? This question is asked to all dealers who sell topaz and according to the GIA standards, if the reading from the gemstone are less than a specific value it is considered safe. These are done during the cooling off period to make the gemstone safe.

In most cases Heat and Irradiation treatment are combined to create beautiful gemstones, so I recommend you to read the heat treatment as well.

Main types of treatments that I recommend you to continue reading are:

  • Heat Treatment
  • Irradiation Treatment
  • Chemical Treatment
  • Surface Modification
  • Composite Gemstone
  • Synthetic Overgrowth
  • These are some of the treatments that are done most commonly in the trade.