Green Tourmaline is a variety of Tourmaline specifically green; sometime otherwise regarded as Verdelite in the trade. With color ranging from bright electric to subtle mild green making it highly sought-after stone in the color green stone family.

Green Tourmaline

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Learn More about Green Tourmaline

GREEN! color to symbolize the very essence of life, nature and energy. What better ways to refresh, renew, and/or seek harmony with nature than gems to signify your newfound self from this green gemstone#GoGreen.

Tourmaline are one of the most common colored gemstone you will find in luxury jewelry because they have a huge variety of colors, thus making it very suitable for jewelry designers as they can choose exactly the color they want and make their design more unique and standout.

Gemstone Attributes

MineralTourmaline (Verdelite)
ColorGreen - Vivid Green
Refractive Index1.624 - 1.644
Birefringence0.018 - 0.040
Specific Gravity3.06
Mohs Hardness7.0 - 7.5

Tourmaline Value

Tourmaline are prized for their clarity and color. As for Green Tourmaline it is important that you always buy a gemstone with good clarity to keep its value intact as a long term investment.

Green Tourmaline tend to have a dark black C-Axis which can result in the stone cut in rectangular shapes mostly and when they come in other shapes its more rare to find in good intense Vivid green colors.

Green Tourmaline Sources

Green Tourmaline are the most common variety of tourmaline on earth and are found in all localities that produce tourmaline. The most prominent mines are :

Brazil - Oldest mines supplying green tourmaline

Nigeria, Africa - Similar material as the ones in Brazil

Namibia, Africa - High Quality Tourmaline with blue undertones.

Mozambique, Africa - Best quality green tourmaline with open C-Axis

Congo, Africa - New productions of tourmaline at great prices.

TOURMALINE Properties 

The most common noticeable properties that help gem dealers identify tourmaline will be the Double Refraction effect in Tourmalines which are specific to tourmaline gemstones.

Tourmaline Care

Tourmaline jewelry are very durable for everyday wear but should be worn with caution as a drop on concrete may cause physical damage to the stone.

Clean your Tourmaline jewelry with warm soapy water and a soft brush. Avoid mechanical cleaning, as it can shatter the stones. If you are unsure, then take your Tourmaline to be professionally cleaned.