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Amethyst: Mythology, Powers and Symbolism

amethyst rough - Amethyst: Mythology, Powers and Symbolism

Leading on from our previous post Sphene: myths, power and history today we are going to take a look at Amethyst, a beautiful purple coloured quartz and the most valued of its type. Their attributes vary depending on where they are found. Mostly it is the tone and shade of purple that varies, and experts […]

The Opal

  The changing fortunes of this gorgeously magical gemstone   For the Romans, opal was the most precious of all the gemstones, believing that it encompassed the beauty of every type of gem. They were buying opal from traders travelling routes from India to the Bosporus/Constantinople areas. These strange gems were used in the festivals […]

History, Value and General Information about Spinels

The earth has given birth to an abundant host of regular and precious stones alike. Some are heralded as the most precious because of their beauty, rarity, and durability while others are appreciated for their ability to be used for regular purposes. Precious gemstones such as sapphires and diamonds have received reverence and admiration throughout […]