Certified natural Mozambique Paraiba Tourmaline especially for you.

Paraiba Tourmaline
Cuprian Elbaite
Hardness : 7-7.5
Refractive Index : 1.624-1.644
Specific Gravity : 3-3.26


With its evocative shades and colour, tourmaline is one of the finest stones for the connoisseurs of gemstones. It offers a vivid colour palette which is hard to be replicated in any other gemstone. The discovery of this stone in an isolated region of Paraiba state in Brazil completely transformed its sale and value.

The name of this vibrant gemstone is derived from a Singhalese word ‘Turmali’.Tourmaline stone meaning happens to be a stone of many colours. It is well-suited to the properties and beauty of this gem. It has a unique neon shade ranging from blue to green and violet. The colour of this stone is caused by a combination of manganese and copper in its composition.


By the definition, it is a stone coloured by copper due to which it has specific gravity of 2.82 to 3.10. The main criteria for choosing this gem is the saturation level of its colour tone and tourmaline hardness that ranges from 7 to 7.5 on Mohs scale.

This crystal has an ability to generate negative ions that are incredibly helpful in determining the mental stability and energy. Paraiba tourmaline can guard its possessor against the dangers and misfortune. It can invoke the feeling of love and strengthen friendships.

The value of this stone is determined according to the purity and quality. It is a rare gemstone which is hard to be replicated in a lab. Therefore, natural tourmaline commands a higher price when compared to its artificial and rough imitation. Paraiba tourmaline price per carat is generally high for the deep blue and green colours having strong saturation along with a medium tone. It ranges from light to medium dark tones with high prices garnered for mid range stones.

Buying Paraiba

When buying Paraiba tourmaline, you should lay more emphasis on the colour than the clarity of the gem. The difference in prices can happen due to the eye visible inclusions found in the natural varieties. You can shop online for finding the best stone for you.