The story of Star Lanka begins in 1985, founded by Mr. Veera Salahudeen, a humble man with a passion for beauty. Since then the company has been growing, steadily and consistently, into a reliable source for quality gemstones, with offices in Thailand and Hong Kong.

Specializing in variety of Gemstones, from Rubies to Garnets, a wide range of semi-precious stones and a large collection of Tourmaline. Meaning you can find anything you are looking for when it comes to beautiful, high-quality gems.

Our passion shows through in each of our products. Whilst we aim high, we don’t forget our humble beginnings.


Over the many years we have been in this industry, our experts have gained the experience and expertise to perfect the reshaping, resizing and polishing of the gemstone to turn the precious stone into an exclusive piece. This passion for customer satisfaction and beauty is visible by the quality of our stock.

The lustre and fire within the minerals are maximized by our experts according to each mineral properties. This way, we maximize the splendour of each gem. You can find out more about each stone in our Journal.


Our vast experience in gemstone dealing around world and realistic valuation competence has risen us above other dealers in the niche. Our integrity and sincerity in everyday dealing stands testimony to our credentials.

Fine Quality gemstones, competitive pricing and high customer satisfaction is our priority.

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Nature’s Beauty

Our objective is to bring the best nature has to offer, to you in its purest form, in the most transparent way possible. Transparency and passion are key parts in our industry, and as a company we thrive to share those values with you. We are well established in Thailand, Hong Kong and China, with a main focus on the wholesale business. In addition, we cater to the special needs of our high-end customers who have specific requirements for their products as well. No matter what your needs are, we will do our best to meet and exceed expectations.

Our in house expert, Lapidary, has access to state of the art equipment, which allow for the best possible results. If you’re the results aren’t up to your own personal standards, don’t hesitate to contact us for a solution.

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Charmes Jewelry is a revolutionary Jewelry rendering system where we use technology to help unite Jewelry Designers and gemstone dealers. We provide a pivotal method of gem dealers to list their products which can fit into any design the designers make. To see the system in action please visit the website.


Who is Star Lanka?

Star Lanka is one of the largest Gemstone manufacturers in Bangkok, Thailand since 1985

Where is Star Lanka Located?

Star Lanka is located at 919/604 Jewelry Trade Center, Silom Road, Bangkok, Thailand 10500

Are gemstones on Star Lanka real?

All our gemstones are 100% Natural Earth mind. We do not sell synthetic or man-made gems.

Is Star Lanka member of ICA?

Yes, Star Lanka is member of International Colored stone association (ICA)