Tsavorite Garnet

Tsavorite Garnet is one of the most valuable and expensive gemstones among the many other gemstones. Tsavorite belongs to the garnet family and it is found in rich green color. For the gem enthusiast, Tsavorite stands in great esteem.

Tsavorite Garnet

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Tsavorite Garnet are most appropriate and look flawless in every possible kind of jewelry. The color and the look of these gemstones make it worth the price. 

Tsavorite is a green Grossularite garnet stone having a similar composition of Calcium Aluminum Silicate coming from its sister gemstone, Tanzanite. Its chemical composition or molecular formula is Ca3Al2(SiO4)3. This gem retains its green color because of the presence of its Chromium and Vanadium. Tsavorite gemstones have the rich and robust color that makes these stones good enough to compete with emeralds. However, based on hardness, durability, and clarity, it might not be the same as emerald. 

This gem is famous because of its clarity so whenever you are out there buying it, make sure they are one eye-clean. The reason why Tsavorite stones jewelry is expensive is because of its clean property. As per history, the cleanest gemstone ever found was about 325-carat beautiful stone that was priced at over 2 million dollars. 

Gemstone Attributes

Mineral Garnet Stone
Chemistry Mn3Al2(SiO4)3
Color Green
Refractive Index 1.881 - 1.888
Birefringence 0.018 - 0.040
Specific Gravity 3.82 - 3.88
Mohs Hardness 6.5 - 7.5

Tsavorite GARNET Value

Among the garnet family, this stone is valued the most and considered a posh gemstone. Its prices are also near to that of Demantoid Garnet. Fortunately, like every other gemstone, they are also available in different compositions and, imitations are easy to grab in the market. These low-quality Tsavorite stones are available for lower dollar price rates per carat. The only drawback of Tsavorite is that there will be less qualitative clarity.  Based on the sizing and clarity of stone, the prices of Tsavorite will vary to a great range. 

If you follow the price trend for this stone, you will find a graph going upwards for the last two decades.


Talking about the name, there is no other stone that you can call Tsavorite if it is not of green color. This stone has its history from Africa. This stone was first discovered in Tanzania in the year of 1967. The gemologists who were successful to find them were Campbell Bridges.

Later after three years, in 1970, it was discovered from the Taveta district of Kenya, then Campbell Bridges shaped it, and it was coined in the year 1974, with the help of Tiffany Henry Platt. Still, there is a place in Kenya named Tsavo National Park which is known to have the most precious gem deposits in the whole world. 

Apart from Kenya and Tanzania, there is another place from where people have derived this precious gemstone and that place is Madagascar.


As some gemstones are reliable for their healing and energetic or spiritual remedies, Tsavorite is one of them. Some people call it a myth but most people, especially those who own it, says about the following properties:

Many people believe that this stone helps them to find themselves beautiful in some kind of way. A way to boost up their confidence on an emotional level. 

  • Some people also claim to find speedy help in recovering from emotional trauma or disease. Tsavorite also helps the cells to generate on a higher level and assists in growth. 
  • It also avoids financial crises and anxieties. 
  • It keeps the mind serene and the heart benevolent and generous. 
  • Mostly, people recommend it for meditation to reach higher spiritual territories. 


The color of pure Tsavorite gemstone is green; the more greenish it is, the better quality it represents. Make sure the stone that you are about to buy is not of yellowish-green color. The color of Tsavorite is the most critical factor when it comes to the 4C’s. When you visit different websites, there is a chance that you will confuse yourself. The reason is the scale of that website or grades the clarity in their way. The purest are bottle greenish colors. However, when you wish to have tsavorite stones but in lower rates and quality, they will be in either unsaturated or oversaturated colors and states. 

One of the most evident proofs is checking if there is a stamp of the GIA Color Grading System. This institute is a verified one that checks the purity and clarity of different emerald, garnet family stones, and other different precious stones. So based on the above picture, if your stone falls in the 5-6 range, your stone is of the purest quality.

TSAVORITE garnet Care

Tsavorites are the number one choice of many people who wear them on a daily basis. They use and recommend them, however, there are some precautions that you must take to make them look as good as new. Tsavorite is not the garnet you should treat with hot water for cleaning. By that, you should also try not to be exposed to sudden temperature changes. 

Ultrasonic cleaning is a solution for its cleaning, as long as your gem is not fractured or cracked from anywhere. Otherwise, that could cause some problems. To get a safe and easy cleaning method, what you should do is try to scrub them gently with some soft microfiber or toothbrush with a mild warm soap water solution.