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Emerald Cut Gemstone

Emerald cut gemstones are sought after for their smooth, rectangular shape. This type of gemstone has been around since the 16th century and is known for its elegant design. The emerald cut is a modified version of the traditional step cut, with a longer, rectangular shape that allows light to disperse through the stone in unique ways. Not only does this create an interesting visual effect, but it also highlights any inclusions within the stone.

Emerald Cut Stone is a very common cut that are mostly done on Rectangular shape gemstones. Commonly seen on Zambian Emeralds, Aquamarine and Bi Color Tourmaline.

A perfect Emerald Cut can bring lot of luster and color out of the stone due to its simple parallel cutting style giving openings for light to pass through. 

This cut is also often used on Dark C-Axis gemstones like Green Tourmaline and Blue Tourmaline. This helps bring out the color in them.

emerald cut gemstones
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