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Fine Quality Mozambique Ruby

Mozambique Ruby

Bearing the name of the place that it comes from, Mozambique ruby is a discovery of the 21st century. The ruby cost, looks, and hardness barely varies from the other variants. The ‘pigeon’s blood’ coloured stones have strong historical background, a plethora of health benefits and is often called ‘ratnaraj’, or ‘king of precious stones’. 
Star Lanka HK has a stunningly wide array of rubies in its inventory. Buy one for your lady love and she would never say no to any of your demands. Pamper yourself with it and you will feel proud of yourself each time you look at it. 
Have a look at our Ruby gemstone collection, with its value per carat mentioned along with it.

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Ruby is a gemstone that has been adorned by Royals since the early beginnings of mankind and the recent Mozambique Ruby Price have been very similar to Burmese ruby as well.