Bearing the name of the place that it comes from, Mozambique ruby is a discovery of the 21st century. The ruby cost, looks, and hardness barely varies from the other variants. The 'pigeon blood ruby' colored stones have strong historical background.

mozambique Ruby

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Mozambique Ruby are extremely special, as most rough stones will have fissures and need to be heated in order to be salable. However, they are making a high impact on the gemstone scene and Star Lanka is one of the main suppliers of these rare and beautiful stones.

Gemstone Attributes

Mineral Corrundum
Chemistry Al2O3
Color Red - Vivid Red
Refractive Index 1.762 - 1.770
Birefringence 0.008 - 0.010
Specific Gravity 4.00
Mohs Hardness 9.0

Mozambique Ruby Value

Unheated Mozambique Ruby are of the most expensive gemstones available currently and Ruby price per carat increases every year. This is due to a limited availability and high demand. The colour of the unheated stone is very sought after in China, because red gemstone is believed to bring luck and good fortune.

A higher iron is found in Mozambique Rubies, which gives them as lightly different colour from the Pigeon Blood rubies from Burma, but none the less, they are stunning and eye-catching. What really makes these gemstones special and distinctive from other in the same family, is that some large stones that don’t require heating are being found in their mines. Producing gems up to 6 carats,which is considerably larger that its Burmese rivals. And the latter also require heat treatment.

These attributes, along others, make the Mozambique ruby highly desirable and increased its value.

Mozambique Ruby COLORS

Mozambique Rubies tend to have more Brown tone in them compared to Rubies from Burma. Burma Ruby has more pink color in them.

Mozambique ruby have more Iron content making them more brown. But these gemstones have exceptional clarity then burmese gemstones.

Mozambique Ruby SOURCES

Mined in the Mozambique region of Africa, this is the most valuable of all African rubies. This is because of its high transparency and brilliant red hue. Coloured gemstones, as opposed to say Diamonds, suffer from supply fluctuations and pricing are difficult to calcite. However, since 2009, a mine in the Mozambique region has been a great location for the growth of Rubies.Discovered by a local man cutting wood. This began a study into the rubies of the area and their commercial expansion. The birthstone of July, it is also said to bring professional and academic success to people in possession of a Mozambique Ruby.

The Montepuez deposit, discovered in 2009 and mentioned above, is claimed to be the biggest deposit of rubies to be found in history. It is being promoted by Gemfields to ensure the gemstone is ethically and responsibly mined. This is great for the industry and for the African region to develop. We here and StarLanka, who are partnered with Gemfields, wish this long continues and have received the prestigious “Gemfields Authorized Auction Partner


Mozambique rubies are rare to begin with, but high demand is making them rarer still. What has happened is a steady decline in quantity over the years. This is due mostly to their high demands. But also because of the uncontrolled and illegal mining that happened straight after the mines were discovered in the African region.

This sparsity is also a reason for their value to constantly rise. Their immense beauty combined with the rarity of the gemstone signifies that prices will continue to rise while there is still such a high demand. However, any gem enthusiast or collector will tell you, they are very much worth their price.And owning one is very special indeed.

Ruby Care

Rubies are gemstone with strong hardness 9.0 on Moh's Scale which is next to Diamond so they do not crack easily compared to other gemstones. But should be worn with caution as sometimes there is internal cracks and inclusions which can break on impact.