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5% Lifetime Commission to you for all Online Referrals

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  • Gain access to high quality media library of gemstones for FREE
  • Sell gemstones on Facebook, Instagram or anywhere Online easily
  • 5% Lifetime commissions for Online Web Referrals
  • Transparent Pricing for best results
  • Best support to help setup your own business online

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Easily Sell using major Social Networks

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Affiliate is like bringing in a customer to a shop and getting paid for it. In this case it is a website

Bob visits our website through Smith’s affiliate link. Bob makes a purchase and Smith receives revenue.

We sell high Quality gemstones all natural and jewelry. Our products are manufactured by us and can guarantee the best price.

You will be paid commision for all the purchase your referral buys for life. An example below will make it clear.

Bob visits our website through Smith’s affiliate link. Bob makes a purchase and Smith receives revenue.

Bob then changes computers, or cleans his cookies and comes back to your website. If Bob makes another purchase Smith will not receive revenue, because the user-affiliate connection is lost.

With LifeTime Commissions active, it does not matter from where Bob logs in, his account is tied to affiliate Smith.

5% commision will be paid as:

  • Store Credit which you are spend on our website
  • Paypal USD will be paid to your email address

Payments are made following :

  1. The customer is happy with the gemstone and it is more than 14 Days for the delivery date.
  2. Your referral income met the Minimum Payout of US$ 100

Our system keeps track for 365 Days until the first purchase by your referral.

If Bob makes a purchase in any 365 days, Smith will still be paid.


After Login you will be taken to the dashboard, which will provide you with all details regarding your referrals.

Gemstone Affiliate Program - affiliate dashboard


Your affiliate ID is a number that is used in the end of all URL that you share. In the example here the ID is 27. The number is added followed after /?gg=27. Below are few example on the URL structure when you will be sharing.


It is very important that the part in green is present.

Gemstone Affiliate Program - affiliate link


You can track all the referrals that have been processed through the link you have shared here.


  • Refuse : Customer didn’t pay / or declined payment
  • Verified : Successful Sale


  • UnPaid : Successful Sales & waiting for Customer Delivery
  • Paid : The Commission paid by Star Lanka as Coupon or Cash
Gemstone Affiliate Program - referral history


Once you have logged-in as an Affiliate User. You will have a Sharing Bar on right of the page / screen which will give you possibility to share as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or even E-mail to your client.

This URL will match the page and product you want to share, it can be gemstone type or direct product link as well.

Gemstone Affiliate Program - affiliate sharing

Sharing on facebook

Here is an example how it will look when you share on Facebook, or any other platform.

Gemstone Affiliate Program - facebook share

After a successful payment. We will ship the item using the selected Shipping method to the client. 

We will ship the item to the customer on your behalf. 

We provide 14 Days Easy returns.

So, if the customer is unhappy with the product. They can easily return to us. Please check the Return & Refund Policy for more information.

All gemstones on our website are unique and there is only 1 item like it.

This is important to know that the stock availability is subject to first-come-first-serve basis.