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VVS Clarity

Almost loupe clean Gemstone Clarity. There are slight inclusions that can only be seen with strong magnification. Within the VVS category, sometimes also called Eye Clean or EC, there are different grades too. It ranges from inclusions extremely difficult to see under 10x magnification to very difficult to see under the same magnification.

Some dealers include Type 2 colored gemstones in this grade. Type 2 colored gemstones also have no visible inclusions to the naked eye, thus being eye clean and that is why they believe deserve to be here. In reality, an eye clean ruby (Type 2) would be classified as VS if a dealer is to stay true to the GIA’s definitions.

When grading the clarity of a diamond, these types of inclusions are what a grader will find:

  • Needles, pinpoints, internal clouds or graining that are only visible through the pavilion and are extremely difficult to see under a 10x magnification. These are called VVS1
  • If the same inclusions as a VVS1 are easier to see, I.E very difficult but not extremely difficult, they are called VVS2.
  • Small surface reaching inclusions will also class a diamond in this grading. Inclusions such as a chip, cavity, feather, bruise, bearding or indented natural.
vvs clarity
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