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Indicolite, also known as tourmaline, is a popular gemstone that people want to get. If you plan to get Indicolite, you must know what things to consider. Usually, there are a few important aspects to consider, especially the color and clarity of the gemstone.

What is Indicolite?

Along with that, you must also consider the cut and the carat weight of the gemstone to understand its value. While you are on the hunt for the Indicolite, this definite buying guide will help you learn all about the gemstone you are looking for.

Indicolite has a hardness of 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. It is also known to have incredible durability; however, Whenever, you purchase this gemstone, you must check if the stone has clarity or not, and you should also check the flaws within the gemstone. The flaws and the low clarity will make any gemstone weaker. Once that is done, you can check all the other features. Make sure you dive into the rest of the article to find out what other features to consider and the benchmark whenever you purchase Indicolite.

Colour of Indicolite

Colour is one thing that will attract most people. The good thing about tourmaline is that it is available in a massive variety of colors, Shades, and options. You can find a great variety, and you will love how incredibly beautiful each color looks. However, besides the variety of colors, you must make sure that you are checking the color quality. When checking the color of the tourmaline, you should check the color hues that create a sensation to the human eye.

If you are specifically looking for Indicolite, you will find this gemstone in blue. The shade of blue and Indigo makes it even more beautiful.

This stone is available in various shades of light and dark blue color, and the color tone provides a better idea about the quality of the gemstone. One must also check the color saturation, which is another most important aspect to consider whenever purchasing any gemstone. The most saturated the gemstone is, the better its quality and value will be. When you are getting Indicolite, look for an option that is intense and vivid in terms of color saturation.

what to look for when buying indicolite

CLARITY - Once you are satisfied with the color of the gemstone, the next aspect to consider is clarity. With clarity of gemstone plays an important role in its value and its quality. You must make sure that you are checking Indicolite for the cracks and other cleavages. The cracks might happen for various reasons, including high pressure and collision with other crystals. Indicolite is a type 2 gemstone that contains slight inclusions that are visible to the human eye.

CUT - The next most important aspect that you must check is the actual shape of the gemstone. It is usually round or oval-shaped; however, it can be cut into different shapes as per the requirement.

When purchasing Indicolite, make sure you are getting an asymmetrical cut of the gemstone so that it is easier to handle. You can easily adjust it into any jewelry piece, especially a ring. Getting an asymmetrical shape will require a lot of effort to get it into a shape.

WEIGHT - Another factor from the 4 C's of gemstones is the carat weight. Indicolite is a real stone that you will rarely find over 2-carat weight. However, if you are looking for the other options of tourmaline gemstone, you can opt for the other Shades and color is, which is easily available over 2-carat weight.

Indicolite origin 

Usually, Tourmaline is found in abundance in most places, including Brazil and Afghanistan. You can also find it in Tanzania and Kenya. Madagascar and Siri Lanka are also famous places where you can find gemstones. Pakistan and USA are also among the list where you can easily find a tourmaline. However, Indicolite is a comparatively rare shade to find.

PRICING on indicolite

Prices of this gemstone can vary from $50 per Carat to 10000 dollars per carat. It depends upon the quality and the size of the gemstone. Also, since tourmaline is a common gemstone, you can easily find it at affordable prices. However, if you are looking for a particular shade, specially Indicolite, you might have to White in your pocket a little more because this point is a precious and area gemstone that costs a good amount of money.


Is Indicolite a good investment? If you are getting a vivid colored Indicolite that is bright and brilliant in its color and shape and looks stunning, it is valuable. One plus point is that if you can find this gemstone over 2-carat weight. The weight will add even more value to the gemstone. You can also look for the other varieties from the same family. Usually, the dull colors and those with low clarity are not as valuable; however, the vivid and clear options are always the most valuable investment.

Is tourmaline and Indicolite the same? Indicolite belongs to the tourmaline family. Based on the color variation, each gemstone has its name. There is a variety of colors that are available in the tourmaline family. The blue gemstone from this family is known as Indicolite. Also, it is one of the rare gemstones. Blue Indicolite is most valued because of its purity and vivid electric shades of copper.

Conclusion - In the above article, you might have checked that we have covered the four C's of Indicolite gemstone. With this buying guide, you will get most of the idea about finding the gemstone and how much it costs. Also, it will give you the heads up regarding the clarity and the carat weight that you can get for Indicolite gemstone. However, whenever you plan to buy Indicolite, make sure you look for an authentic seller who can provide you with an original gemstone. It can be difficult to find out an authentic seller. How about we recommend you one? Check original and authentic Indicolite.

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