Grey Spinel

Grey Spinel is one of the most popular gemstone in the industry. Famous for its metallic sheen which is a great choice for millennials. Grey color is adorned by both men and women in the industry.

Spinel Gems have some of the best dispersion and luster making this gem valuable, even when prices are affordable.

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For centuries, Spinel's were mislabeled as corundum. The stone’s reputation took a hit, as many people who thought owned rubies and sapphires actually owned spinel's and were disappointed. The stone’s reputation is further damaged because synthetic stones are inexpensive and plentiful. However, most spinel are untreated, and the market is beginning to appreciate the stone’s natural beauty.

Gemstone Attributes

Mineral Spinel
Chemistry MgAl2O4
Color Grey
Refractive Index 1.718
Birefringence None
Specific Gravity 3.60
Mohs Hardness 8.0


High-value Grey Spinel's must be eye-clear and free of inclusions. Visible defects will affect the price of the stone. The value of the stone depends muchly on color; the deeper the grey, the more valuable the stone.

Spinel's from Myanmar and Tanzania are considered the best quality spinel's, and they can sell for up to $10,000 per carat for a stone heavier than 5-carat.


The main source of Grey Spinel is Tanzania, Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) and Sri Lanka. Spinel's are not usually mined; instead, they are found in placer deposits where eroded materials have been washed downstream. 

Being dragged downstream smooths the crystals into a rounded shape and removes most of the fractured parts of the rough material.

GREY SPINEL Properties

Grey spinel's, and any other color for that matter, have a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale, making them ideal for all types of jewelry. However, a high Tiffany-Type setting for a ring that will be worn daily is not recommended. 

Furthermore, the gemstones high refractive index guarantees excellent brilliance if the stone is well-cut.


Grey Spinel's, as the name suggests, are grey. However, their color can range from gunmetal to steely grey, all the way to a deep charcoal grey. It’s not uncommon for grey spinel's to have a purple or blue tone. It’s rare to find a stone with a perfectly natural grey color. Despite this, these are still some of the most popular colored gemstones.

    • Metallic Grey
    • Ash Grey
    • Silver Grey


Due to spinel’s hardness, it can be mechanically cleaned or with warm soapy water and a soft brush. Remember that the metal your stone may be placed in is not as hard as the gem, so be careful when cleaning precious metals.