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ST0455 : 7.62ct Spessartite – 12x10mm

HKD 16,549

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Loose Spessartite Gemstone Certified Spessartite
Spessartite price per carat HKD 2,176

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Gem Specifications

SKU ST0455
Gem Type Natural Spessartite
Piece(s) 1
Weight (ct) 7.62
Shape Pear
Treatment None
Clarity VS
Size (mm) 12.23 x 10.09 x 7.51
Origin Africa
Lab None
Cert no. None
sku ST0455
Type Natural Spessartite
Piece(s) 1
Weight (ct) 7.62
Shape Pear
Treatment None
Clarity VS
Size (mm) 12.23 x 10.09 x 7.51
Origin Africa
Lab None
Cert no. None





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Product image-1

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HKD 16,549


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Mineral : Garnet
Mohs Hardness : 7.5 - 8.0
Refractive Index : 1.881 – 1.888
Specific Gravity : 3.82 – 3.88


Bright, orangish red colors were the most valuable colors for Spessartite stones. That was until the discovery of Mandarin Garnets in the 1990’s. The best stones before the Mandarin came from Ramona, California and Amelia County, Virginia in the USA.

The color known as “Aurora red,” is a highly overwhelming reddish orange hue combined with a medium to medium-dark tone and is a prized color for spessartites. Mandarins are rare and in high demand, meaning they can be more expensive than other spessartites. These stones have purer orange hues.

Need to Know Information

Spessartite normally happens in a solid-state series or blend with other garnet species, such as almandine and pyrope. The closer to a pure spessartite the gemstone is can be seen in its light orange color. Those stones with reddish to red-brown hues will contain a higher almandine content and a higher refractive index.

Mandarin garnets contain the highest percentage of spessartite (85-95% mol) and show vivid orange colors. Malaya garnets will show variable, but high, percentages of spessartite (2-94% mol), pyrope (0-83% mol), and almandine (2-78% mol). Their colors range from pink, pinkish orange, yellowish orange, orange, to red.

Color Change Garnets

Many color changing garnets have Spessartite in their composition. there have been reports from East African sources of unusual color changing garnets with high amounts of Vanadium (V) and Chromium (Cr). These are spessartite with a rarely found large components of grossular.

Garnets containing an alexandrite - like color change have been found. Colors change from violet-red to blue-green. These are normally small, but a 24.87-ct stone was sold in 1979.


California, especially Ramona is known to produced fine, orange gems. Other notable sources in the United States are:

African countries : such as, Namibia, Nigeria, and Tanzania are major sources of spessartites, including mandarins.

USA : Colorado; Nevada; New Mexico; North Carolina; Pennsylvania; Amelia Court House, Virginia (fine, gemmy orange to deep brownish material).

Stone Sizes

Spessartites from Brazil, while extremely rare, have been weighed at several pounds while keeping a great transparency and fine color.

Some Madagascar and Brazilian rough gems have had cuts weighing more than 100 carats.

Spessartites from Amelia, Virginia have a fine, orange color. There have been gems of about 15-20 carats yielded from the stones found here. The site is also known for producing crystals weighing several pounds.

Looking After Your Spessartite

Spessartite Garnets have a hardness of 7-7.5 and no cleavage, which makes them durable gemstones. They are suitable for any kind of jewelry, from every day use to engagement rings.

To clean them, use warm soapy water and a cloth. Avoid chemicals and other cleaning methods.

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