Buying a right gemstone is not an easy task especially if you have no experience. Experts do a lot of observation and identify the best gems based on its characteristics like the color and heft. To get more accurate information about what a gemstone is, you also need to examine the interior of the stone. To do this task, you need special tools that might be costly.

One of the best way to figure out if you have a precious stone is by using Mohs scale gemstone chart. They use this method to identify the hardness of the rock and how resistant it is to the scratches.

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Many people do not have an idea of these methods and hence buy gems that are not up to the mark. Here are few ways that you may use to find the best gemstones.

Purchase Identification Chart: You might be new to the gemstone business or might be purchasing stones more frequently. If yes, you might want to invest a little in buying an identification chart that will list out all the gemstones. You may also choose to purchase reference manual that will be of great help to you.

When you have doubt, you may use this chart or manual to identify a gemstone. Since most of the gems look similar, you need this tool to differentiate them. Though some stones look identical, they might cost nothing. You can avoid getting cheated when you master this method. It is the best way to find the best gems.

Master the Basics: You need to use the essential features of the gemstone to determine if it is original or an imitation. You need to check the color of the stone to see if the hue, tone, and saturation. Hue is nothing but the overall shade of the gemstone. Tone helps you to identify if the stone color is light, medium or entirely dark.

You also need to check the transparency of the stones. While some stones are transparent like the diamonds, some gems are translucent. You can see through a translucent stone, but it interacts with some color to distract the image. Opaque gems completely block your view. You need to check the heft of the stone next.

The last thing that you need to check is the cut of the stone. It is essential for you to check these aspects when you are purchasing a stone. Once you start using this method with the help of an expert, you will slowly begin to recognize the best gemstone.

Download Mohs Scale Chart: Named after its creator Fredrich Mohs, this is one favorite way to identify the gems. It is an arbitrary scale and is not a linear scale. It defines the hardness of a gem when it is used to scratch another stone. It tells you how scratch resistant a minerial is using the scale. As per this particular scale, talc is the softest mineral.

The bonding of the atoms largely determines the hardness of a stone. Diamond is the hardest of all the Moh’s scale gemstones/a> as per this particular measurement.