There are some gemstones that are not as well-known. Sometimes, we mistake these for other stones that they resemble, and other times we overlook them altogether. Spinel is one of these stones, and it definitely deserves more recognition. Part of this gemstones appeal is its ability to come in such a huge range of colors. It’s also because of this that spinel is often mistaken for rubies or sapphires.

It’s a magnesium aluminum oxide. This makes it extremely hard and capable of taking many different facets. This is one of those gemstones that can come in a huge range of prices. This is entirely dependent on the color, clarity, and other grading factors. Spinel has been recognized for its beauty and versatility just as long as any other gemstone, and it gives its buyer the unique ability to choose between a larger range of colors.

Because spindle can mimic other stones so closely, it’s important to understand how to identify it. It will score lower on the Moh’s scale then rubies and sapphires, and has a different crystalline structure. The spinel crystal is more pointed and uniform than other ones. It’s often found occurring with rubies and sapphires, which adds to the confusion. Until scientists became aware of how to tell the difference, spinel was often confused for Ruby. As we’ve learned more and more about this gemstone, it’s become a favorite among dealers everywhere. This has to do with its versatility and single refractive properties.

This allows it to be much more reflective, and improves color saturation. Spinel stones can look like beautifully cut pieces of colored glass. There are many larger pieces that feature more than one of these gemstones in a variety of different colors. They can be used as accent stones for more precious gems, or as the primary gem itself.

When choosing spinel colors, it’s important to look for ones that are a little bit different. If you’re trying to create or customize a unique piece of jewelry, this is a fantastic gemstone choice.

Spinel has actually made a name for itself in designer jewelry. It’s now being featured in pieces designed by some of the top jewelers in the entire world. They enjoy using the stone because of the many shapes, sizes, and colors it can come in. If they need a smaller stone of an unusual color, spinel tends to be the go to gem. There are also larger spinel stones that can display an unusual color with more boldness than tiny gems. They found it to be equally impressive when set in gold, white gold or silver.

Caring for the stone is as simple as using warm soapy water. It’s not a gem that you have to worry about scuffing or scraping. It’s ranking on the hardness scale makes it just as durable as it is beautiful. The stone is also becoming incredibly popular with dealers. This is because it has so many uses, and provide such variety. Retailers that work with loose stones enjoy having spinel in stock. This way, they’ll always have something that their customers are looking for.

This is particularly useful when you have a client who’s ordering a custom-made piece of jewelry with unusual coloring. Spinel allows the jeweler to offer them a less expensive option at an equal level of quality. In all reality, these gems have been featured throughout famous pieces of jewelry throughout history. Many of the more pronounced crown jewels are actually comprised of different colored spinel.

Don’t be fooled by its off-brand reputation, this gemstone can be incredibly valuable when used correctly.

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