We are all acquainted with the beliefs that have been attached with gemstones from centuries. There is no denying that certain gemstones do have certain supernatural powers that can alter your life because this fact has been universally accepted. Whether it is the western, middle-eastern or far-eastern world, everyone makes use of certain gemstones to achieve particular results.

It is believed that wearing the appropriate gemstone can bring immense positive changes in your life and change it for better. With gemstones, you can mold your life the way you wish. However wearing the wrong gemstone might affect you adversely so it is important that you figure out which one is the best stone for you. This article is going to help you do just that.

1Blue Topaz

Starting with blue topaz, it is associated with fire or sun god and is beneficial for those who wish to reduce lust and other emotional disturbances. It is usually on the lower spectrum in terms of its price as compared to other gemstones, however the weight of it also matter a lot. You can check blue topaz value online. Next up is the most loved and the most precious gemstone, diamond. Diamonds are said to improve relationships and mental clarity. They are said to invite love in our lives and undoubtedly they are the strongest gemstones, both physically and metaphysically. Another well-known gemstone is emerald. Emeralds are supposed to increase abundance in your life, be it financial, emotional or romantic. It is also known to increase intuitive capacities of the wearer.


Rubies are associated with energy and courage. Basically rubies can provide you with the much needed energy if you are feeling low lately since it is associated with fire too. Rubies kept in bedrooms can improve sexual compatibility of the couple. Sapphires on the other hand are associated with the third eye, meaning, they make your intuition more powerful and invite incredible positive energies in your life. If you feel like you are constantly surrounded by negativity then sapphire is your best friend.


Pearls might not be considered proper gemstones but for centuries people have used them for the same purposes as other gemstones and similarly pearls are said to have unique powers that induce femininity and calm into a person who might have a bad temper and tends to engage in destructive behavior.

4Lapis Lazuli

If you are an artist by profession and are facing with a creative block in your head, opal might just be the right gemstone for you. Since opals are associated with water, they are known to instigate positive ideas of creativity and inspiration in the wearers mind. This gemstone with help you live your life to the fullest! Lapis lazuli is another popular gemstone among westerners and easterners alike. This gemstone is commonly associated with royalty and hence improves the wisdom and honesty of a person.

It tends to improve your perspective outwards just as well as inwards. The jade gemstone is most appropriate for those who seek betterment in their health and luck.


Jade is said to be the harbinger of luck and health. When one wears jade, it is instantly said to heal the individual of all their health woes, be it mental, physical or emotional. It also brings balance in life.

Without a doubt these gemstones have magical capabilities as a number of Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities have embraced these gemstones so perhaps it’s time for you to do the same and let them change your life. Find out the blue topaz value online now!

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