Tourmaline is a one-of-a-kind gemstone that is known to be the most versatile gem. It is a semi-precious mineral that comes in a wide range of colours from magenta to vibrant yellow, teal blue to green and even black. One of the most significant features of this unique gemstone is that each and every tourmaline stone has different colours and legend has it that the stone protects its wearer.

Although there have been many stories and beliefs that the tourmaline has supernatural powers, which is debatable, it is true that this gemstone has a rare and special ability to generate an electric charge and emit infrared rays. It is because of this unique characteristic that Tourmaline value is quite high in the market and there is great demand for his gemstone among people worldwide. Many people buy Tourmaline embedded jewellery for health benefits such as increasing vigour and vitality, dealing with stress and protecting themselves from negative influences.

1Factors that affect the price of Tourmaline

The price of Tourmaline gemstone is determined by its four Cs – colour, carat, cut and clarity.

  • Rare shades such as Paraiba blue and chrome green are costlier compared to the more common shades such as yellow, brown, and pink.
  • Tourmaline stones that are larger than five carats are much more expensive than stones that are smaller.
  • Modern-day jewellery designers use different cuts of Tourmaline in their line of designs.
  • However, you must know that unusual or custom cut gems are priced higher than the ones with common cuts.
  • The main reason why custom cut gemstones have higher value is that they are cut in a way that it accentuates the stone’s colour.
  • Just like other precious gemstones, Tourmalines too contain many inclusions. A stone that has high clarity is valued higher than the ones that have inclusions or colour distortions.

2Important tips to buy Tourmaline jewellery

Tourmaline jewellery options are literally endless, this precious stone is used in all kinds of jewellery – be it rings, earrings, studs, nose pins, bracelets or necklaces. No matter the type of jewellery you wish to buy, considering the following tips will ensure that you get the best deal for your money.

It is quite common that jewellers put the tourmaline stones under various treatments to brighten its colour and remove impurities. However, these treatments affect the durability of the stone. Hence, while buying tourmaline, ask the seller if the stone has undergone any treatment. The stones that has received any kind of unnatural treatment decreases the tourmaline value. Also, it is best advised to avoid buying a stone that has received any type of dye enhancements.

Before buying any kind of tourmaline jewellery, check the credibility and reputation of the jewellery shop. Make sure that you buy only from a trusted seller. Also, if you are buying tourmaline from an online shop, make sure you read the return policy so that you can easily exchange the jewellery without any hassles.

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