Unveiling the most memorable met gala jewelry 2024: Dive straight into the heart of luxury as we encapsulate an evening where the rich and famous donned their most lavish jewels. Get ready for an exclusive glimpse into the quintessence of high fashion and opulent jewelry, worn by the likes of JLo and Kidman, that graced this year’s Met Gala without revealing too much just yet.

1Key Takeaways

  • The Met Gala 2024 was a showcase of extravagant jewelry with celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Kidman donning pieces from high-end brands such as Tiffany & Co., Chopard, and Harry Winston, each adding to the elegance of their red carpet attire.
  • Jewelry designs at the Met Gala paid homage to the event’s theme ‘The Garden of Time’, featuring floral motifs and natural elements as seen in pieces worn by attendees and reflected in brands like Chanel and Boucheron’s inclusion of pearls, yellow diamonds, and nature-inspired designs.
  • Men also embraced high jewelry at the event, with Jeff Goldblum and Jon Batiste displaying pieces from Tiffany & Co. and Cartier respectively, showing that statement jewelry transcends gender barriers on the red carpet.

2Jennifer Lopez’s Tiffany & Co. Extravaganza

Met Gala Jewelry 2024 - Untitled 1 1

75-carat diamond necklace from Cosmopolitan

Jennifer Lopez took to the Met Gala 2024 red carpet, illuminating the night with her Tiffany & Co. jewels. Draped around her neck, a 75-carat diamond necklace from Tiffany & Co.’s Blue Book Collection drew gazes from every corner. The necklace was designed with a 20-carat centerpiece, adding a significant sparkle to her ensemble.

Lopez paired her necklace with a matching 3-carat diamond bracelet from the same Tiffany Celéste Collection. Her accessories for the night also included diamond drop earrings made of platinum and 18-karat yellow gold, totaling over 3 carats.

This Tiffany & Co. extravagance cemented Jennifer Lopez’s status as a queen of the red carpet.

3Gigi Hadid’s Chopard Elegance

Gigi Hadid’s Chopard necklace was nothing short of a masterpiece. Displaying a lavish arrangement of yellow and white diamonds, the necklace boasted 26.24 carats of yellow diamonds and 25.65 carats of white diamonds. It was a piece that radiated with the brilliance of Old Hollywood glamour, capturing the essence of the 2024 Met Gala.

Met Gala Jewelry 2024 - MEy3IIHK Untitled 2

28.81 carats of pear-shaped yellow diamond necklace and earing from ELLE

To enhance the sparkle, Hadid donned:

  • Chopard earrings studded with 28.81 carats of pear-shaped yellow diamonds and additional white diamonds

  • A 10.26-carat rectangular cut yellow diamond ring

  • An elegant infinity band from the L´Heure du Diamant collection

These remarkable pieces, combined with her Thom Browne floral gown, perfectly encapsulated Chopard’s elegance.

4Nicole Kidman’s Harry Winston Showcase

Met Gala Jewelry 2024 - jJytMlpr Untitled 3

69 carat diamond Bracelet from Grazia

Nicole Kidman brought a touch of classic elegance to the Met Gala 2024 with her Harry Winston jewels. The Secret Combination diamond bracelet she wore was nothing short of a spectacle, showcasing approximately 69 carats of diamonds, while the Winston Cluster diamond earrings added another 15 carats to her ensemble.

Far from being ordinary accessories, the diamond-studded bracelet and earrings were pieces of art that amplified the beauty of her Balenciaga gown. Kidman’s Harry Winston showcase was a testament to the timeless elegance that the brand is known for, proving yet again that diamonds are truly a girl’s best

5Penelope Cruz’s Chanel Ensemble

Penelope Cruz graced the Met Gala red carpet in a custom Chanel Haute Couture gown, adorned with intricate design elements from different eras and jeweled buttons. But her ensemble didn’t stop there. She chose high jewelry from Chanel’s latest Tweed Pastel collection, including a necklace, bracelet, and a prominent Tweed Mademoiselle ring.

The Tweed Pastel necklace and bracelet, masterfully crafted in 18K white gold, featured an elegant combination of diamonds and cultured pearls, reminiscent of the intricate beauty of French floral laces. Matching her gown impeccably, they symbolized Chanel’s timeless elegance. Cruz’s jewelry ensemble was completed with a Tweed Mademoiselle ring and Bouton de Camélia earrings, both set in 18K white gold and highlighted by exquisite diamonds.

Met Gala Jewelry 2024 - HXwEwbCf Untitled 5

6Ayo Edebiri’s Boucheron Delight

Ayo Edebiri donned Bleu Infini aquamarine earrings from Boucheron’s Timeless High Jewelry collection for the Met Gala 2024. The Bleu Infini pendant earrings, adorned with pear-shaped aquamarines and pavé white diamonds, were nothing short of captivating.

Along with her eye catching jewelry pieces, such as earrings, Edebiri selected a Hopi the Hummingbird aquamarine ring, introducing a hint of nature to the glamorous event. The Boucheron jewels harmoniously accentuated her Loewe guipure lace gown and matching headpiece, making her one of the night’s standout appearances.

7Jeff Goldblum’s Tiffany & Co. Brooches

Jeff Goldblum took the Met Gala 2024 as an opportunity to make a unique style statement. Wearing three brooches from Tiffany & Co., including the iconic Bird on a Rock piece from the Jean Schlumberger collection, Goldblum showed that men too can wear high jewelry with panache.

The trio of brooches adorned on Goldblum’s lapel were a testament to Tiffany & Co.’s craftsmanship, adding a touch of sophistication to his ensemble. Each piece was a conversation starter in its own right, making Goldblum one of the night’s most interestingly adorned gentlemen.

8Alia Bhatt’s Sabyasachi Jewels

Met Gala Jewelry 2024 - 0qSwbIPT Untitled 1

Precious Gemstone Earing from Viral Takes

Alia Bhatt graced the Met Gala 2024 red carpet wearing high jewelry by Sabyasachi, featuring precious gemstones. Complementing her jewels, she donned a custom mint-green saree adorned with hand-woven floral designs, silk floss, glass beading, and semi-precious gemstones.

The creation of this saree was a task of monumental dedication, requiring 163 individuals and 1965 hours to complete. The saree, paired with the high jewelry, showcased the designer’s intricate craftsmanship and made Bhatt a sight to behold at the Met Gala.

9Emma Chamberlain’s Cartier Gothic Glamour.

Met Gala Jewelry 2024 - jIgkLwpg Untitled 3

Diamond-encrusted collar and earrings by People

Emma Chamberlain captivated onlookers at the Met Gala 2024 in:

  • A strapless, rich brown lace Jean Paul Gaultier gown featuring corsetry and lace-up details

  • Complete with matching opera gloves

  • Platform peep-toe heels

  • A sheer floor-length train

Her hair was swept into a sleek updo, perfectly framing her face drawn with a dramatic smoky eye and taupe lip liner to enhance the gothic glamour theme, as seen in jamie mccarthy getty images, a true example of sleeping beauties reawakening fashion and capturing the essence of sleeping beauties.

Chamberlain’s ensemble was additionally enhanced with striking Cartier Nature Sauvage high jewellery designs, including a diamond-encrusted collar and corresponding earrings that echoed her gown’s dark elegance. Known for dressing several high-profile personalities in the entertainment industry, stylist Jared Ellner was the visionary behind Emma’s stunning look.

10Jon Batiste’s Cartier Art Deco

Met Gala Jewelry 2024 - kB2QxKJR Untitled 1

Platinum Diamond Brooch by Rain Magazine

Jon Batiste adorned a circa 1928 Cartier platinum diamond Art Deco brooch, which served as a highlight of his Met Gala 2024 look. His sophisticated attire was paired with a timeless Cartier Tank Normale watch crafted from yellow gold, enhancing the elegant vibe.

To match his unique ensemble, Batiste opted for a Trinity de Cartier cushion diamond ring paired with a classic yellow gold Cartier Love ring. Together, these pieces added an Art Deco sophistication to his Met Gala look, demonstrating the timeless allure of Cartier’s designs.

11Gabrielle Union’s Tiffany & Co. Vintage Flair

Met Gala Jewelry 2024 - fgXSTMy0 Untitled 1

Diamond bracelet and earrings by People

Gabrielle Union graced the Met Gala with Tiffany & Co. statement drop earrings and a silver starfish brooch. Her ensemble was completed with the addition of a Tiffany & Co. diamond bracelet, pairing up with her earrings and brooch for timeless elegance.

Union chose simple silver cuffs that harmonized effortlessly with her Tiffany & Co. pieces and attire, including a pair of white opera gloves. The selection of her teardrop earrings contributed to Union’s vintage flair, a nod to the midcentury inspiration of her Met Gala look.

12Mike Faist’s JAR Beetroot Brooch

At the Met Gala 2024, Mike Faist wore a highly distinctive beetroot brooch encrusted with diamonds. The elegant brooch that elevated Mike Faist’s outfit was meticulously crafted by the renowned jeweler JAR.

Mike Faist, lauded for his performance in ‘The Challengers’, augmented his ensemble with his choice of accessories, keeping in line with the Met Gala’s theme. The beetroot brooch was a bold statement, demonstrating that even in a sea of diamonds, creativity and uniqueness shine through.

13Sarah Jessica Parker’s New York Designer Mix

Sarah Jessica Parker enhanced her Met Gala attire with a distinctive mix of vintage diamond jewelry from Briony Raymond, Marlo Laz, and Gray & Davis. The vintage diamond jewelry was creatively styled with pieces attached to her hat, pinned to her ponytail, and worn as rings and earrings.

An extra long strand of knotted pearls was incorporated into her look, complementing the vintage diamond pieces. Her sophisticated Met Gala ensemble was crowned with a towering headpiece from famed milliner Philip Treacy. The eclectic mix of jewelry made Parker’s look one of the most intriguing at the Met Gala.

Met Gala Jewelry 2024 - 8z0c50s9 Untitled 2

Vintage diamond jewelry by People

14Yellow Diamonds Galore

At the Met Gala 2024, an array of celebrities dazzled on the red carpet adorned with yellow diamond jewelry and pink gold accents, a choice aligning with the glitz and glamour of the event. Gigi Hadid embraced this trend with Chopard tennis necklace and earrings that featured white natural and pale yellow diamonds, contributing to her shining Old Hollywood look.

Emily Ratajkowski accessorized her ensemble with yellow diamonds from Chopard, including dangling earrings, a tennis bracelet, and two diamond cocktail rings, resulting in a captivating, unified style statement.

Amelia Gray showcased exceptional high jewelry with a Messika Solar Diva necklace, centered upon a remarkable 35-carat yellow diamond, capturing the attention of attendees and press alike.

Met Gala Jewelry 2024 - Untitled 4 1

Emily Ratajkowski yellow diamonds dangling earrings by Cosmopolitan

15Floral Motifs in Jewelry

The Met Gala 2024, held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, had a theme of ‘The Garden of Time’, which prominently influenced the appearance of floral motifs in jewelry design. A standout piece reflecting the floral trend was a Jean Schlumberger by Tiffany Bird on a Rock ring, featuring both a Fancy Yellow and a white diamond.

Sydney Sweeney was seen wearing a delicate diamond design by De Beers that complimented the floral theme. Emeralds, with their vibrant green hue, were a popular choice at the Met Gala, underscoring the lush garden theme of the event.


The Met Gala 2024 was a showcase of the finest high jewelry pieces from renowned brands like Tiffany & Co., Chopard, Harry Winston, and Cartier. From Jennifer Lopez’s Tiffany & Co. extravaganza to Gigi Hadid’s Chopard elegance and Nicole Kidman’s Harry Winston showcase, the red carpet was a glittering spectacle of diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals. Notably, yellow diamonds and floral motifs emerged as prevailing trends, reflecting the night’s theme ‘The Garden of Time’. This year’s Met Gala was a true testament to the artistry of jewelry design, proving that jewelry is indeed the perfect complement to haute couture.