Jewellery has always had an exceptional place in the hearts of most women. No matter what the occasion may be jewels still make for an excellent gift for women. Be it your mother, sister or your lover, a great set of jewellery will win her over. However, buying jewellery can be tricky, if you do not have a rough idea about it. The trends change often, and it is, therefore, best to know what kind of stones the person likes before buying them the gift.

One of the most popular stones at this moment is perhaps ruby. Many high profile celebrities too are wearing them which it makes all the more desirable. One of the greatest attractions of the gem ruby is its colour. Its red colour shows love and affection. Apart from that ruby is a sturdy and durable stone too. It can last for years even when used regularly. However, buying this type of expensive jewellery made up of rubies is a significant investment. The Ruby Price per Carat Online is steep; it is therefore advised that if you are planning to buy ruby jewellery, then you buy it with caution. The following are some of the things that you should check while purchasing this kind of gemstones. It will give you a good idea about the quality of the stone that you buy.


One of the biggest giveaways of the quality of the ruby present is how clear the stone looks. It is true that there will always be some inclusions in the gem, but if you want a high-quality gem, then it is best to look for the stone which has the least number of inclusions in it. The best rubies are the ones which do not seem to have any flaws in it when seen with a naked eye.


One thing that is must in all good quality ruby stones are that all of them have a bright red coloured hue in them. Although there are some stones which display violet or orange hue the superior quality rubies mostly exhibit red hue. However, it is essential to know that these stones do have secondary hues too. The secondary hue, which in some cases can be violet, underscores the red of the ruby.

3Tone and Saturation Levels

The intensity of the hue and the tone of the colour of the ruby stones are also excellent indicators of its quality. You should always aim to buy a stone which does not have extreme levels of darkness. The ideal ruby gems have the right balance of darkness and lightness in them. It is best to avoid those rubies which are so dark that they almost look black. Regarding the intensity or the saturation levels of the ruby stones, it is always a good idea to buy gems which intense red hue consistently.


Like any other precious stones, in this case, too the cut plays a vital role in its look. The proportion of the cut, as well as the way the cut affects the reflection of the light on it, plays a massive role in determining how pleasing it looks to the eye. Moreover, the cut also can affect the durability of the stones. It is, therefore, essential to opt for a stone which has the right cut in it.

As Ruby Price per Carat Online currently stands at a whopping rate of Rs 450 to 2 Lakhs/karat and more, therefore it is best to buy it from a place which sells high-quality gems only. The online website is known to provide excellent jewellery made up precious stones. They are known to specialize in Ruby designs.

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