Love for rubies is not something new but is of ancient in nature. People are mesmerized by its beauty for many centuries. The reason why they value rubies is that they are incredibly hard and have a very bright color.

Like the other gems that you find in the market, they do not grade them using the universal scale. Jewelers, however, check on specific characteristics to understand the quality of a ruby. Not all people know how to identify the right ruby.

If you identify a ruby gemstone for sale, you need to analyze it well before putting money to buy it. You do not have to be a professional to find the best ruby that is valuable. By putting in some effort, you can buy one that is attractive and fits right into your budget. Here are some excellent guidelines that will assist you in finding the right ruby.

1Carat and Budget

Yes, the amount you are willing to pay will help you get ruby of a higher carat. A carat is a measurement using which one can understand the gem’s weight. The number of carats a gemstone has, the more money you might have to pay. Besides carat, there are several other aspects such as color, clarity, size, and cut. A right combination of all these factors will help you get and own the best ruby.

The quality of the ruby varies depending on these aspects. Some rubies might cost only $250, and there are some which cost around $10,000. Rubies that are expensive have better quality while the ones that are cheaper do not look that appealing when you compare with the best quality ruby. There are also artificial rubies which they manufacture in a laboratory. You get it for 85% of the cost a natural ruby costs.

2Choose a Cut

To understand how a lapidary has shaped the gem, you need to check the cut. The general shape of the ruby is a matter of one’s preference. You can find most of the rubies in the forms such as oval, cushion, marquise, heart, or round. The amount you might end up paying for specific cuts is a lot more than some.

3Choose the Color

While Red rubies are quite famous across the world. Red Ruby is not the only color that you will find in the market. You see so many other shades when it comes to the color of the Ruby. Light red, pink, violet and various other colors are available but are called as sapphires even though they are of the same material corundum. The strong presence of chrome determines the color of a ruby. Presence of iron, titanium, vanadium determines the color of sapphire. Pink rubies are mostly preferred in Asian countries and cost a lot more there than in the western world.

After seeing the Ruby gemstone for sale ad, do not just purchase the ruby. Research well before you invests the money. It is safe to buy a ruby that you can return in few days if you are not content.