Women bring a lot of joy and happiness to the lives of everyone. The kind of love and affection that a woman is able to display is seldom found in any other way. Be it as a mother, sister, friend, girl friend or wife, they bring a lot to the table. They have the capability to make even a dull and bad day to a good one. As a result one should never let go of any opportunity to make them feel special. While it is a great idea to surprise them every once in a while and make them know how valued they are, it is almost a must to feel special on certain days of the year. One should not miss days like women’s day, mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, sister’s day etc. to let them know how important they are. These are the days when one should put in all the efforts to ensure that these days are extra special for them so that they remember it for a long time in the future.

However, making their day is not as easy a task as many may believe it to be. There are many ways in which one can plan a day to make them feel valued and wanted. One of the first and foremost things needed to make it a day to remember is to give them time. Taking out time and planning things on special occasion means a lot for them as they then know that they are the priority. Every woman in the world feels special when they know that they are the priority. This can create a special place for an individual in their hearts. So, on such occasions it is best to plan well in advance and dedicate as much time to them as possible.

There is another thing that women appreciate a lot and that is putting some effort. Women all over the world may not expect a lot from the men on special days like valentine’s day or mother’s day but all that matters to them that they want the other person put some effort to make them happy. So, it is not a bad idea to take them out or plan something which is out of the ordinary and comes as a welcome break for them. It is also a well-known fact that women love to be surprised. So a surprise even or a get-together can go a long way to show them that they mean a lot to the other person.

Gifts are another excellent way to show love and affection to women. One does not necessarily need to buy an expensive gift to win them over. Something thoughtful and rare can do the trick. However, finding an ideal gift for a woman can be quite the task. Some of the best gift ideas for women includes Flowers, chocolates and jewellery. However, it is always imperative that one buys a gift which is not very generic. When buying flowers or jewellery for women one should opt for unusual flowers and jewelleries made up of rare gemstones. One can perhaps look at gemstones like tourmaline. Tourmaline price per carat is quite affordable and it looks gorgeous too. Hence, it is an excellent gift idea.

However, the main challenge of buying unusual gifts is that one does not have too much of an idea about it. Hence, one must do proper research before buying gifts like tourmaline jewellery. It is best to check on tourmaline price per carat, its designs and trends before purchasing a gift. This will help to get the best and original products at best rates which will impress the women who matter.