Buying loose gemstones for sale so you can make personal and customized jewelry pieces is a great investment but can also be daunting.

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If you have considered buying loose precious or semi-precious gemstones but been too afraid or uncertain to commit, or have worried about the quality of the gemstones and what to do with them once you’ve bought them, then this article is for you.

We aim to explain why you should invest in loose gemstones, what you can do with them and where the best place to buy loose natural gemstones is.

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1Why Buy Loose Gemstones

We are sure there are many reasons to buy a loose gemstone as there are gem enthusiasts, but the biggest reason is choice. When you find a stone you fall in love with, it become a matter of choosing the perfect piece of jewelry to show it off. It may be a case that you want a custom-designed pendant. When you buy loose gemstones, you have to freedom to choose the perfect setting for each stone. You may also find great deals of loose gemstones, as they are considerably cheaper to produce than mounted or designer pieces of jewelry. Maybe you just have ideas for making your own jewelry or have started a new venture into jewelry making, either as a business or a hobby. All the examples mentioned are excellent reasons why you should buy loose gemstones.

If you aren’t an enthusiast, collector, student or hobbyist of jewelry, but you like the idea of making your own jewelry and want to make a start, plenty websites selling loose gemstones also offer kits where you can simply snap your chosen gem in and instantly create stunning pieces of jewelry from your own home!


The first step you have to take is educating yourself about gemstones and everything surrounding them, this will help ease any apprehension you might have about buy loose stones. Walking into a store and purchasing a finished piece of jewelry is very different from purchasing loose gemstones. 
Once you learn about the terminology and understand how to value different gems, buying loose gemstones will become not only easy, but fun too.


When purchasing gemstones there are several factors you must consider. They are known as the Four C’s and are: Carat, Cut, Clarity and Color.
Gemstone Carat is the weight of a gemstone. The standard expression of carats is by points, for example, if a gemstone weighs one carat, it is considered to be 100 points. Different stones will also have different densities, which will affect the size per carat. For example, a ruby is denser than an emerald, so they can both weight one carat, however, the emerald will be the physically larger stone.
Gemstone Cuts is often confused with the shape of the stone. The shape of a gemstone can be rectangle, square, pear, etc. However, the cut describes how the gem is cut into facets. The faceting of a stone gives it depth, it changes how the stone catches and reflects the light and gives the stone a sparkling effect. The most popular cuts include: brilliant, step, radiant, mixed, princess, and cabochon. You can also find trademarked cuts such a Royal Asscher cut.
Gemstone Clarity is defined by number of flaws, which are known as inclusions, within the gemstone. These are rated on how visible they are, whether you need magnification of varying degree all the way to visible with the naked eye. The less inclusions a stone has means it is closer to perfection and thus it will fetch a higher price.
Gemstone Colors is, as the name suggests, the color of the gemstone, and it can vary hugely depending on the gem species. You can also find enhanced gemstones. Enhanced stones will have a wide range of treatments that can be given to a gemstone before it being sold on the market. Color treatments can include heat treatments, dyes, oils or resin infusions, surface treatments and coatings, and laser treatments.


Saving on loose gemstones is not only possible, but easy. The best way to say is to shop during a clearance sale. Gemstones can be discounted for a number of reasons. Sometimes the seller simply needs new inventory, and to make room, they need to move old stock before the end of the year for tax reasons or to make room for the new stock. Customers can benefit from this constant need to move products and merchandise. Seasonal sales can be another reason for gemstones to be marked at a lower price. No matter what the reason behind a clearance sale, you should always taker advantage of the amazing savings on offer.
Wholesale loose gemstones are another good purchasing option. Some businesses may need you to be a reseller with a Tax ID, but other are happy to sell to the general public. You should always read the fine print when attempting to shop at any wholesale business, so you can understand what you’re purchasing. If you are buying treated stones, you need to know what type of treatment it has received. There are thousands upon thousands of cases of people rushing into a purchase, based solely on a great price and without any further consideration, and when the product arrives, they are disappointed in some way or another.


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There are many options and choices when buying loose gemstones, and we can help you with all your queries. Remember, the key is to be patient and explore all the possible options.