Loose Ruby are among the most-sought-after gemstones and are famous for their blood red color. The price of a ruby per carat greatly differs, a factor that you should always consider.

1Loose Ruby

The popularity of rubies is for a good reason which is evident immediately you have a look at these gifts of nature. A reddish hue which has for long been associated with love and passion will give you a tinge of excitement, a factor that has made them a gemstone of choice for many jewel lovers across the globe. It is not in the modern age where the love for rubies has grown, but since ancient ages, many communities have held these stones in high regard.


A top factor that determines the ruby value per carat is their rarity. It is common knowledge that gemstones are mined from different locations where various factors impact on their purity and shades. Rubies are no different as are mined in different places across the globe which is why it is not uncommon to have them named after their locations. Mozambique ruby, for example, are mined in Mozambique and are among the rarest varieties in the world of gemstones. The rarity of rubies is the greatest determinant of their pricing with the finest pieces having the highest price markups in the market.


Geologists have discovered that the highest quality of rubies is formed in marbles which are metamorphic rocks that form under high pressure and heat from the earth’s crust. Basalt rocks have also been known to contain marble, but given their high percentage of iron, there do not have the high color vibrancy associated with marbles. This equally impacts on the value of rubies as with any other gemstone evaluations are based on their color, clarity, carat, and cut. You do not have to go around shopping for marble rocks as most stores hardly contain such details but the color shade will be an automatic reflection of their origins.


In the grading of loose ruby, their color and clarity are given the highest levels of emphasis. Similar to any other gemstone buying guide, the highest priced rubies have no inclusions and have an inner shine which evenly spreads across the gemstone. However, while looking for clarity, you should also be careful not to settle for an overly treated ruby which could as well be synthetic. The blood colored stones is meant for kings and the lesser the inclusions, the more befitting they are for a royal shopper like you.

The simplest and most efficient way to get the best ruby value per carat is in finding a store that is renowned for the quality of their gemstones. A store that holds loose rubies makes it easier to determine their inherent value as the pieces are not enhanced by any setting. An extra mark of guaranteed quality is in a store that makes it clear from where they source their rubies so you can have an idea on their rarity and expected value. Higher price markups are not always a reflection of quality and should not be the underlying factor that determines your purchasing decision but in the proven authenticity of the gemstone.