A little-known gemstone, Mahenge spinel is becoming increasingly popular for its unique hue. The vivid red stone is found in only a few places in the world, making it rare and desirable. Mahenge spinel is also known for its excellent clarity and brilliance, which makes it a perfect choice for jewelry. With its growing popularity, mahenge spinel is sure to become a coveted gemstone.

1what is a Mahenge Spinel?

Mahenge spinel is a stunning gem that hails from the Mahenge region of Tanzania. The stone has a rich, deep red color and is known for its exceptional clarity. Mahenge spinel is relatively rare, making it a sought-after gem by collectors. The stone is also durable, making it ideal for use in jewelry. This vibrant red gemstone is becoming increasingly popular among jewelry lovers because of its unique color. These spinels are quickly gaining popularity due to its rare beauty.

2The History of Mahenge Spinel

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Discovered in the Mahenge region of Tanzania in the late 1990s, spinel is a gemstone that has only recently begun to gain popularity. With its vivid red color, spinel is often compared to rubies and sapphires. However, unlike rubies and sapphires, spinel is not well-known or widely available. In fact, spinel is considered to be one of the rarest colored gemstones in the world.

3Mahenge Spinel Colors

Mahenge spinel is a beautiful and unique gemstone that can be found in a variety of colors. The most common colors are red, blue, grey, and pink. Each color has its own unique properties that make it special.

  • Red Mahenge spinel is the most popular color of this gemstone. It is known for its intense color and brilliance. Red spinels are also very rare, making them even more valuable when they are flawless without inclusions.
  • Blue Mahenge spinel is another popular color of this gemstone. It is known for its calming properties and for being one of the rarest colors of spinel. Cobalt Blue spinels are very sought after by collectors and gem enthusiasts.
  • Grey Mahenge spinel is the least common color of this gemstone. It is known for its mysterious properties but fine quality grey spinel the price per carat has been on the rise in recent years for some specific shades of grey which are commonly found in Myanmar and Sri Lanka as well.

4Properties of Mahenge Spinel

In the world of gemstones, spinel is often overshadowed by its more popular cousins, ruby and sapphire. But lately this underrated gemstone is having a moment in the spotlight, thanks to a newfound appreciation for its rare and vivid red color from Mahenge, Tanzania.

Spinel is found in many different colors, but the most prized variety is Mahenge spinel. it’s color is caused by traces of chromium and iron, and it is found in a variety of hues, from deep crimson to pale strawberry. Due to its scarcity, Mahenge spinel is not well known outside of the gemstone trade, but it is prized by collectors for its beauty and uniqueness.

Some of the pastel mahenge pink spinel is perfect for those who want a little brightness in their life. The stone has a beautiful pastel pink color that is perfect for any outfit or occasion. The best part about this spinel is that it is very affordable, so you can get the look you want without spending a lot of money on the red variety.

The mining process of Mahenge spinel rough is quite simple and does not require any complex machinery. The rough stone is extracted from the ground by hand and then transported to a nearby town or city for processing. 
The quality of Mahenge spinel rough stone is determined by its color, clarity and size as explained earlier. The most valuable stones are those that are deep red in color with few inclusions. Large stones are also more valuable than small ones. 
After the rough stone has been graded, it is then cut and polished into a finished gemstone. The cutting and polishing process can take several weeks to complete depending on the size and quality of the stone. Please check out the below video to see the gemstone in rough form as well as a beautiful cut.
Mahenge Spinel Rough & Cut

5Mahenge Spinel in Jewelry

mahenge spinel - spinel crown

When it comes to high-end jewelry, there are few stones that can rival the beauty of Mahenge spinel. This vibrant pinkish-red gem has been coveted by luxury brands and top notch jewelers in recent years, and is now enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

The Gemological Institute of America describes Mahenge spinel as “one of the world’s most desirable colored gemstones.” Indeed, its rare hue and exceptional brilliance make it a sought-after stone for fine jewelry. While white diamonds may be the most popular choice for engagement rings, more and more couples are opting for colored stones like Mahenge spinel to add a unique touch to their wedding bands.

The spinel in the Imperial State Crown is one of the most famous gemstones in the world. The stone, which is uncut and red, was given to King George IV by his wife, Queen Charlotte. The crown was made for him after his coronation in 1821.

The spinel is just one of many precious stones in the British Crown Jewels. The collection also includes diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Many of the gemstone are set in gold and silver.

The Crown Jewels are on display at the Tower of London. They are guarded by Yeoman Warders (also known as Beefeaters) and are only seen by a small number of people each year.


In conclusion, investing in Mahenge spinel is a great way to get involved in the colored gems market. Not only is it a beautiful stone, but its value is increasing. With proper care, your investment should continue to grow in value and appreciate over time.

Where is spinel found?

Spinel is a gemstone that has been used for centuries. It is found in many different locations around the world. Some of the most notable deposits are in Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and Tanzania. Spinels can also be found in Australia, Brazil, Canada, and the United States.