Topaz gemstones can come in a variety of colors as is treated with heat to produce attractive hues. A raw topaz stone can be orange, yellow, red, brown, or even colorless, and can turn to a beautiful blue color or another color with irradiation. The most sought after Topaz stones are pink, blue, and yellow in color.

As A Medicine

Ancient civilizations has regarded the topaz as a powerful healing agent, and here are many ways that it has been used by clerics and doctors:

  • The topaz has many different characteristics when it comes to supporting one’s physical health.
  • It is said to work in conjunction with a person’s spinal column and help maintain the activity of the person’s heart.
  • Topaz has been used throughout history to treat bloodshed and works to support health in a body’s glandular systems.
  • Topaz combats anorexia, meaning it aids in achieving a good flow of digestion and restores a person’s appetite.
  • Topaz is also used to treat conditions such as infections, hemorrhage, deafness, goiter, and even nightmares.
  • Topaz has been documented to also treat pain and discomfort associated with arthritis.
  • In India, topaz is used to treat sick people of tonsillitis, the mumps, and whooping cough.
  • For people who want improved vision, they are recommended to wear a topaz stone as well.
  • To buy one of these wonderful gemstones, refer to a blue topaz price guide to determine which topaz fits within your budget.


Topaz is used for treating depression and anxiety. A stone can help alleviate a person’s fears or doubts, and can have any possibly psychosomatic illnesses treated. Topaz can balance emotions; helping a person who constantly changes from one extreme mood to another. Topaz is also an excellent stone for people who live stress-filled lives, as it can work to help a person develop a brighter outlook on their life. Topaz has a great reputation for converting bad energies to good energies.

Topaz has been said to relieve the senses of insanity, greed, hypocrisy, envy, intrigue, and many more different feelings. A topaz stone can soothe, heal, and rejuvenate a person, giving the wearer strength, protection, joy, knowledge, wisdom, love, and other positive feelings.


Topaz is a favorable gemstone for its ability to increase one’s morale. A Topaz stone regulates living according to one’s own aspiration and views, instead of living to please other people. By putting focus your own needs, you are nurturing yourself when you find internal sources of emotional nourishment, rather than working to please another person.


Topaz is known as the “lover of gold”, as it also has the reputation of bringing money and good fortune to the wearer. Topaz is most effective with doing so if part of a ring or bracelet worn on the left hand or arm. Topaz also gives the wearer confidence, aids in solving problems, and encourages honesty and self control.

4Around The Home

When placed in the home, preferably on a mantle, desk, or shelf, topaz protects the home against accidents and fire. Placing a topaz gemstone under your pillow will prevent the sleeper from encountering a nightmare and will keep the sleeper from sleepwalking. Refer to blue topaz price guides to take advantage of this incredible gemstone for an accessory that you can afford.


Topaz is also a good gemstone of choice for artists. Topaz gives a person tapped potential for their artistic creativity, and allows the wearer to appreciate the beauty in artworks. A person can be able to see major and minor details wherever art is being displayed.

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