The beauty and appeal of gemstones remain a wonder that has always fascinated man for centuries. Tourmalines are one of the finest gemstones you can ever acquire either for a jewelry piece or its chakra energy capabilities.

Tourmaline does not refer to a single stone but is instead the name for a group of related minerals. It is as such no wonder that tourmalines are available in the most extensive variety of colors, a quality that has made it highly sought-after. The different colors are caused by several factors but most importantly the traces of other minerals. For example, the presence of titanium or iron generally leads to green or blue colors and manganese influences the red or pinkish colors.

Tourmaline value dramatically varies primarily because of the diversity of the minerals and classifications. Factors that affect the quality of any other crystal such as purity, rarity, and carat also play a role in determining the final price. The popularity of tourmalines calls for care before purchasing any piece to ensure you get value for money. Paraiba tourmalines are the rarest of these minerals as they have the strongest pleochroism, which is the different depth of colors when viewed from different angles.

Just as their name suggests, Paraiba tourmalines were discovered in the Brazilian state of Paraiba and have since then become a global phenomenon. A defining characteristic of these quality gemstones which are incomparable to no other is the incandescent glow that appears to light up from within the store. If you are worried about the color variety, it would also be soothing to know that almost every shade is found in this rich Brazilian region. The distinct characteristic of this mineral makes them very valuable making them the perfect gem for an individual who values style and class.

The basic criteria for evaluating tourmalines before making a purchase is to place focus on the saturation level of its color tone. Place more emphasis on the color more than even the clarity as it holds the actual tourmaline value. The shape of the gemstones will also directly influence how it reflects light making it a primary consideration. Tourmalines with darker colors are often cut to display the lighter colors while those with lighter colors are cut to reveal the richest hues. You, therefore, have a variety of shapes to choose from including round, oval, rectangular, triangles, and trillions.

In the end, owning a quality tourmaline boils down to the reputation of the store you decide to shop from and the source of their products. A lot of gemstone imitations are currently in the market as more and more businesses look to make more money from sub-standard products. Settle for a team that has a vast experience in dealing with gemstones and have a record for handling a global-range of clients. The store should also have experts who are able to reshape, resize, and polish a gemstone giving it an exclusive touch. Tourmalines have been proven to have the abilities to generate negative ions and are also helpful in determining your mental stability and energy. Acquiring these gifts of nature goes beyond just a physical appeal but become a part of your day to day living.