Many of us would dismiss wearing gemstones considering them as just another astrology sham however that doesn’t take away from the fact that millions of people around the world adorn these gemstones and preach them like god. There has to be some truth and logic behind wearing these. After all, there are many who claim that mere gemstones have turned their life around for the better. So in this blog, let’s look at some of the scientific or rather sensible reasons as to why people or you should use gemstones to better your life.

There are numerous gemstones available in the market and they vary in shape, color, size and price depending on their various aspects and benefits. For example, you can look up a blue topaz price guide online to understand how the price varies depending on the quality of the stone. Every gemstone has a different and special meaning giving a specific effect to the wearer. You must wear different gemstones for different results depending on what it is that you wish to change about your life. Suppose if you want a better love life then rubies are your gemstones.

Now firstly to understand why people wear gemstones it’s important to note that each of these gemstones are connected to some or the other planet according to astrology. Therefore it is said that each gemstone draws vibrations from the planet that it represents and inculcates those in the person’s body. So depending on your birth chart, whatever planet is the weakest dictates what gemstone you must wear. In a way it acts as a medicine for the various illnesses of life. Gemstones bring balance and good vibrations in whatever aspects you wish to improve upon. Also just like a wrong medicine might have its side effects or no effects at all, the gems too acts similarly. So if you or someone you know hasn’t exactly benefitted from wearing a gemstone then maybe it’s the wrong stone for you or you haven’t worn it correctly.

Also since these gemstones take millions of years to form, it is said that they carry precious energies from centuries ago which rub off on you when you adorn them. It is said that these gems have unique healing properties which are extremely beneficial for your physical as well as mental health. They have interesting chemical structures that benefit you when you wear them as little by little your skin absorbs the goodness of the gem. It is also the reason why so many gemstones are used in Ayurveda to treat various diseases. The color of them gemstone is also said to influence the aura of the wearer and bring balance.

Since the gemstones reflect the light that falls upon them, they are known to exude unique rays that change the mood and mental status of the person wearing it. They are known to make the atmosphere around the wearer more positive and uplifting due to their quality of reflecting light. With that said it is advisable to consult an expert and only then adorn a gem. Since gemstones can affect you positively or negatively, you should first find out which gemstone is suitable for you. Also there is a special ritual that needs to be performed before adorning the gemstone without which the gemstone might just not work. Just the way you consult a doctor before taking any medicine, you must consult an astrologer or healer before wearing a gemstone. So what are you waiting for? Find out your lucky gem and wear it. Look for blue topaz price guide today!