Princess Diana’s sapphire ring represents a moment in time of pure elegance and refinement that set the bar high for creative craftsmanship, superior quality, and incredible artistry for the jewelry industry.

This moment continues to live on forever, capturing the unwavering enchantment of the royal family, their enviable lifestyle, and of course, their remarkable choices for fine jewelry.  The royals are known to start fashion trends and have a worldwide impact on everything in all areas of fashion. 

The late Princess Diana’s sapphire ring is not just any blue sapphire ring. This fantastical ring has been passed down from generations of the royal family, presently worn by Kate Middleton.

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1The History of Princess Diana Ring

In 1840, Prince Albert gifted Queen Victoria an ornate brooch containing an oval cut blue ceylon sapphire framed by sparkling diamonds, created by the royal jeweler. Queen Victoria loved the brooch so much she wore it during her wedding day as part of the “something blue” tradition, symbolizing fidelity and commitment for their beloved.

This oval brooch became a Crown heirloom after Prince Albert’s death, passed down to Queen Elizabeth II as part of the monarch, who also loved this vintage sapphire and diamond brooch and wore it frequently on her coats or as part of her outfit.

Inspired by the wondrous blue of this fine quality sapphire design, Diana selected an already-made 12 carat stunner featuring an oval cut blue sapphire in the center, breaking tradition because Princess Diana ring was not a one-of-a-kind creation. 

This sapphire was set in a multi-prong raised setting surrounded by glittering round brilliant cut diamonds prong set in an oval halo cluster. The diamonds were placed at a slightly recessed step design, amplifying the vibrancy of the sapphire as it takes center stage on a slender, flat band. 

Through various royal circumstances, Prince William ended up having possession of this unforgettable treasure, gifting it to Kate Middleton. 

2Sapphire Engagement Rings: The Look of Royalty

Diana’s ring was so unusual due to the sapphire center stone.  The sapphire gave a refreshed, creative concept for royal engagement rings.  Sapphires add a pop of mesmerizing color, leading the way to new styles available for the bride, widening the horizon for precious colored gems to become part of the main attraction for engagement rings.

Sapphires are also popular for holiday or anniversary gifts. Frequently paired with diamonds in a cluster similar to Diana’s engagement ring, sapphires provide a wealth of prestige and luxury unparalleled by other precious and semi-precious gemstones.

A sapphire engagement or anniversary ring is a timeless style selection. Sapphires are one of the most sought-after precious gems, instantly recognizable with their rich blue. 

Sapphire Rings are also available in a rainbow of colors for those that seek their favorite color, giving engagement rings endless possibilities. 

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3Practical & Beautiful


Sapphire is a variety of the mineral corundum. Blue Sapphires are sister stones to the ruby, which exhibits pinkish-red to intense red hues, making rubies markedly different in appearance from the sapphire.


Sapphires rate 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, making them extremely hard. For reference, diamonds rate 10 on the scale. This makes the sapphire very suitable for an engagement or anniversary ring. Feel good knowing you can wear your sapphire ring daily with the toughness of this beautiful stone.


Sapphires can be placed in an ultrasonic cleaner and liquid jewelry cleaners if they are NOT fracture-filled. Sapphires can be cleaned with a jewelry cloth or warm, soapy water with a soft toothbrush. Sapphires are very easy to keep clean! 


Sapphires are the main designated birthstone for September. However, they can be used as a replacement for other months because of their versatility. 


Because sapphires are synonymous with royalty, they are known to increase abundance, fortuitous opportunities, and other lucky blessings. They also enhance intuition and are associated with the throat chakra, allowing communication to flow better.


Sapphires are one of the “Big 3” of the precious gemstones–a top-tiered gem revered and recognized as a stone that is important, wearable, popular, and timeless. The other two stones of the Big 3 include ruby and emerald.

Sapphire and diamond rings exude color and fire that grabs attention, perfect for those who wish to make a statement in glamorous style with a touch of royal exclusivity.