Sphene Gemstone is a rare collector’s item that is famous for its brittleness and susceptible to scratches. Due to its rarity, its use is restricted to earrings, pendants, and a limited collection of jewellery. Sphene goes by another name of Titanite.


Sphene got its name from the Greeks due to its wedged crystal shapes. The crystals of this rare stone are wedge-shaped. You probably never heard of because of it due to its scarcity.

Some of the countries that associated with Sphene Gem mining include Sri Lanka, Russia, Madagascar, Russia, Pakistan, Namibia, Brazil, and Australia.

Sphene has a characteristically high refractive index and a hardness of 5.5. The informal name of this stone is Sphene that has overtaken Titanite. Recent discoveries in Brazil and the Far East have brought so much attention to the rare gemstone.

Its unusual beauty and brilliance are evident in the size of fire it can create. The crystals assume the brilliant diamond shapes and have stable property accentuated by the three different colours of greenish-yellow, colourless, and brownish-yellow. There are reports of brown, blackish, or grey coloured Sphene. The crystal arrangement allows for fine cuts, which in any way does not interfere with the fire. On the outlook, Sphene plays in between transparency, translucence, and near opaqueness.

The distribution of Sphene in the accessory market is available as a coarse-grained rock. You are likely to find the crystals in caves surrounded by volcanic rocks such as granite and metamorphosed limestone.


Many mythical stories and ideas on the powers of Sphene Gem to the wearer are nothing but interesting. Many people believe that the vibrations coming from the Titanite crystal aids mental clarity encourage self-organisation skills, helps in interpreting psychic vision.

If you are fond of any negative thoughts, look at the precious stone and feel the vibrations of inner peace and joy overwhelming you. There is also the tendency of becoming too generous.

For those seeking spiritual alignment, Sphene vibrations will resonate with your crown, the soul, and higher power within you. Reaching and having a strong connection with higher realms means all your energies centrally located. The connection now becomes channel between you and higher gods.

If you have a Pendant with Sphene crystals, it will activate the “third eye” to help you get a clear vision of reality and the “solar plexus” which is a reconnection with your inner power. The practical and sensible energy helps you take the right direction in life. Some say that strong intuition opens up a pathway to success.

3Sphene Use Case

Using the combined mystical powers of Sphene and other stones such as Rainbow Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, and Sugilite or Paraiba Tourmaline. will stimulate your psychic gifts. These stones offer the right combination enabling the stimulation of your inner power.

4Important Information

You should not wear Sphene for longer periods and make sure you take it off before going to bed. Its fragile nature means keeping it away from sharp objects. Keep it away from direct sunlight, heat soap, and acid.

Before combing two different stones for mystical prowess use one first and experience its energy. Using these stones at the same time may cause different reactions.