Globally there are thousands of gemstone varieties which have always captivated our imaginations and aroused our interests. One such gem is the blue topaz that holds special meaning in several cultures and religions. The month of December has always been associated with the color blue and celebrations as it marks the end of a year. The blue topaz has, as a result, become the birthstone for those born in this month making it one of the most valuable items to ever gift a friend or family on their birthdays. This beautiful stone is, therefore, one that holds so much value to many people across the globe making it one of the most sought-after gems. Aside from being associated with those born in December, blue gem names have been a constant feature of most traditional beliefs and cultures.

1Blue topaz

Blue topaz has been on many occasions both in the past and presents been used to tap into the emotional and spiritual world. A calming soothing effect and stability of emotions are one of the greatest marvels of this natural stone. Natural healing instructors and chakra energy masters have been known to encourage their clients to use this stone for its unique abilities. Science has also backed the unique characteristics of the stone with studies showing it contains powerful vibrations and radiometric features. The soothing blue color of topaz channels concentration and a clearer emotional perspective a primary reason why it is used for meditation. Away from spirituality, the blue topaz is a symbol of love and fidelity accepted across varied cultures globally. If you want to pass a special message to a loved one or propose in a unique way, then a ring with a topaz head will do the magic. 

2Blue Topaz Features

Blue Topaz Features Topaz is one of the hardest silicate minerals that is comprised of fluorine and aluminum. The mineral occurs naturally in many locations across the globe and was first mined by ancient Romans and Greeks. Topaz occurs in an array of several colors including brown, pink, red, yellow, blue, pink, green, and yellow-brown. Some topaz varieties also display a combination of two colors which depending on the shades can either be extremely valuable or cheap due to unwanted impurities. The blue topaz comes in four distinct shades namely; sky blue or light blue, deep London blue, Swiss blue, and maxi blue. Each variety of this gemstone has its distinct appeal, and a darker color does not necessarily translate to higher market value. A primary consideration before purchasing the blue topaz should be in the uniformity of color and its cut. Shape also makes a key determinant on the appeal of a gemstone and should be selected in accordance to personal tastes.

Most fashionable topaz gems are always free from any inclusions or flaws which make them sparkling and very clear. When shopping for blue gem names over the internet the ultimate guarantee of quality is in the reputation of the gemstone dealer. Proven market expertise and positive reviews from past clients are proof of the integrity and reliability of an online seller. The store should also provide you with a variety of other gemstones which you can use for comparison before making a purchase.