Many people in our society who are into ZEN and purification will tell you that they own a piece of tourmaline for some reason protector or other.

Of the many different kinds of gems, most people will say that tourmaline is a gem that is very stimulating. People will purchase this type of gemstone for many different reasons. For example, there are some who will attest to the fact that it helps their circulation, or promotes detoxification, and is a great anxiety and stress reliever.

Some people wear tourmaline all the time. There are different meanings associated with the wide variety of colors of tourmaline. And in some type of way, depending on what color you prefer, the significance of the gemstone is said to have different types of protection for the wearer.

There is more than one tourmaline definition, some will define the gem as a magnificent showpiece or even a scene stealer when it comes to being exhibited in all of its glory by the wearer. These stones can be found in the states and all the way to Mozambique.

This particular gemstone is pretty much resistant to scratching because it is very hard and can be worn every day without fear of it being damaged. Those who collect these stones will often look for what is known to be as the watermelon tourmaline. This particular gemstone has a pink middle with a green outer ring. This stone is often showcased in a pendant by the wearer if they are able to find it.

These stones have deep roots in Africa, and those interested in collecting the gems or purchasing a stone will be able to find a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes on this continent. For example, in Madagascar, you will find stones that have to go through a heating process in order to reach their final color.

Some mines in parts of Kenya and Nigeria are producing tourmaline in piercing shades of green; this stone is quite popular and is known as chrome tourmaline. Brazil is also a big producer of tourmaline. There is a stone there that has gained quite a lot of popularity and is known as the Paraiba tourmaline. This particular gemstone is in a class all of its own because it is colored by shades of copper and has a glow that cannot be compared to other colors of gemstones.

People who buy tourmaline have to do so with caution because there are quite a few rules you should be familiar with. For example, the gemstone should be clear of eye visible inclusions because then the value will not be as high. Expert buyers know not to purchase a stone that is really dark in color, this is because the brighter the stone is the more valuable it is.

Large cuts of tourmaline are not so rare to come by and if you find one at a price that you can afford, it may be in your best interest to purchase it. However, the caveat to that would be finding a large cut with good color. That is where the hunt would be a little difficult to find.

Lastly, there are a lot of tourmaline collectors that say you must have the black gemstone in your collection. People will use them to bring positive energy into their home or office. While others are certain it keeps them from psychic attacks and people they call energy vampires—who will sap all the positive energy from your body with their negativity.

So, if you are interested in collecting these stones—take the time to do some research and see what color best suits your mood and personality.

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