Paraiba tourmalines are one of the most sought gems in the world. Some people purchase gemstones because it is one of their favorite hobbies. For others, it is another way to invest their money.  Those who received a certificate from gemology instructor can quickly identify the gemstones. But, those who love to purchase them for pleasure needs to do a lot of research before picking the gem.

1Tourmaline value

Tourmaline value is one of the aspects you need to consider to identify the right gem. But it is not the only criteria that are in place. You need to check using various parameters to find the best tourmaline.

Many people also believe that this gemstone also has the healing powers that can eliminate the negative energy working in your life. A significant number of people think that this gem can transform your life to better when you wear it on your body.  You can wear it in the form of a ring, earring, necklace, etc.

2History of the Stone

It was in  Paraiba, Brazil around the 1980′ that people first found this gem. Since they are small and rare, it quickly found a place in the hearts of millions of people. Even in Africa, you can find tourmaline stones that look like the Paraiba. But the chemical composition is slightly different, and they are also bigger.

3Attributes of the Stone

You need to look for a turquoise color stone that has flashes of green in it. The presence of copper in it contributes the aqua color that this particular stone has. When you expose the stone to the bright light, you can see green flashes as a result of having copper in it. Now, it is one of the best ways for a non-expert to trace the right Paraiba tourmaline.

These stones are mainly famous because of their brilliance and Neon Blue Paraiba Tourmaline color. You will feel that they are glowing from within. The bright spot in the stone is an indication that it is a Paraiba tourmaline. Sometimes, you can find these stone shining even in dim light. There are diamonds and other gemstones that have this similar attribute. But, it is quite unusual for a gem that is intensely colored like this one to have this kind of quality.

4Picking the Right One

These gems are tiny and maybe are lesser than a carat. As a result, their value is very high. You will rarely find this stone in retail stores. And if you see one, you may have to pay almost a five-figure amount per carat. One thing that you need to inquire the vendor is the burning process.

They burn these stones to eliminate the red color from the gemstone. In case, the gem did not go through the burning process. It is a clear indication that it is not a Paraiba tourmaline.

Take caution in not buying a Paraiba stone without doing enough research. It is wise to take the opinion of the gemstone expert before picking one. Also, check the tourmaline value before picking one.