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1What is a sapphire stone

Sapphire stone is a precious gemstone that belongs to the corundum mineral family. It is one of the most valuable and renowned gems due to its incredible brilliance and hardness. Sapphires come in many different colors, ranging from pink and yellow to shades of blue sapphire which are among the most popular varieties. They are quite durable and can withstand wear over time, making them an ideal choice for those looking for a timeless piece of jewelry.

2The history of sapphire

Sapphire has long been regarded as a symbol of luxury and royalty. It is one of the world’s most precious gemstones and has a rich history spanning centuries. With their stunning hues ranging from deep blues to bright yellows, sapphires have captivated admirers across cultures for many generations.

The earliest known records of sapphire date back to 800 BC in Ancient Greece and Rome, where it was believed that the gemstone held divine power. Ancient Persians believed that the earth rested on an enormous sapphire and its reflection created the sky’s vivid blue hue. Additionally, in Medieval Europe, it was believed that wearing a sapphire could protect its wearer from harm or evil spirits.

3Types of Fancy Sapphires

The sapphire gemstone is renowned for its captivating beauty and numerous color varieties. From bright blues and yellows to soft pinks and purples, sapphire is one of the most sought-after stones by collectors around the world. The blue sapphire variety is the most commonly known, but sapphires can also be found in yellow, pink, purple, and even colorless shades.

Each of these colors holds a unique symbolism associated with it. Blue sapphires are thought to represent wisdom and strength; yellow sapphires symbolize joy and success; pink sapphires are said to bring love into one's life; purple stands for protection from harm; while colorless signifies clarity in decision-making. Whatever hue you choose, each variation of the stone carries its special meaning.

Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire is a precious stone of royal luxury and rarity, renowned for its deep-blue color that represents wisdom, loyalty, and trust. It is mined mostly in Sri Lanka, producing some of the finest quality sapphires in the world.

This Blue Gemstone is believed to have originated from Sri Lankan soil more than 2000 years ago. Its unique coloration and lustrous appearance have made it a highly sought-after gemstone by luxury collectors worldwide.

Their scarcity makes blue sapphires one of the most expensive gemstones on the market today - but their beauty will last forever.

Pink Sapphires

Pink sapphires have become increasingly popular for engagement rings over the past few years - a trend that was undoubtedly influenced by Lady Gaga's choice of the precious gem for her engagement ring. A pink sapphire is an ideal choice for anyone looking to add a touch of pastel beauty to their special moment.

This exquisite stone is often chosen as a modern alternative to traditional pink diamonds, with its eye-catching hue providing plenty of sparkle and sophistication. The pink sapphire is said to represent love, joy, and commitment - all key elements in any successful relationship.

This beautiful gemstone comes in many shades, from pale blush through to vibrant magenta, making it possible to find the perfect match for any personal style or preference.

Padparadscha Sapphires

The Padparadscha sapphire is one of nature's greatest gems. It is uniquely rare and highly sought-after due to its vivid orange-pink color, which has been likened to a beautiful sunrise or sunset. These sapphires are among the rarest gemstones in the world and are only found in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and Tanzania.

What makes these stones even more special is that they have not been heated or treated with any chemicals. This means that their breathtaking hues come entirely from mother nature herself. As a result, no two Padparadscha sapphires will ever be exactly alike making them truly one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. Those appreciating something special should consider adding one of these precious stones to their collection as they have an unparalleled beauty all their own.

Yellow Sapphires

Yellow sapphire is a beautiful colored gemstone that is often used in jewelry. Known for its brilliant golden hue and unique unheated clarity, the yellow sapphire is one of the most sought-after gemstones available. This stone has been used for centuries to adorn jewelry pieces, from necklaces and sapphire earrings to rings and bracelets.

Today, yellow sapphires are still highly sought-after gems, especially those that are unheated. These stones retain their natural color and luster unlike other types of sapphires that have been treated or altered with heat or other methods to enhance their appearance. When choosing a piece of jewelry containing a yellow sapphire, it’s important to choose one that has not been heated as this will ensure it keeps its original beauty over time.

Purple Sapphire

Purple sapphire is the perfect option for anyone looking to add some color and sparkle to their jewelry collection. This beautiful gemstone has a range of shades, from dark blue to violet and magenta hues. It is known as one of the rarest types of sapphires, making it a great choice for those seeking something truly special.

When used in jewelry, these purple sapphires can be cut into many shapes and sizes. Its unique beauty makes it an ideal pick for engagement rings and other pieces intended to last a lifetime. The deep color is also often used as an accent stone in combination with diamonds or other gems like rubies or emeralds. Whether you're looking for a unique piece of statement jewelry or something more subtle, there are plenty of options when it comes to purple sapphire styles.

Teal Sapphire

Teal sapphire is a colored gemstone that can be found mostly in Australia. These beautiful gems, also known as parti sapphires, are a variety of fancy sapphires and can occur in other shades of blue and green. The most prized teal sapphires have a mixture of blue color with very little green or yellow coloring, making them highly sought-after by collectors and jewelry enthusiasts alike.

To determine its value, the quality of cut, clarity, and color are all taken into consideration when grading the stone’s overall worth. Teal sapphires will often have some visible inclusions like small minerals or other stones inside. However, these do not detract from their beauty as they can add character to the stone’s appearance.

Colorless sapphires (White Sapphire)

White sapphire, a stunning and versatile colored gemstone, is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to diamonds for engagement rings or sapphire jewelry. White sapphire holds its own when it comes to luxury and sophistication. With its icy clarity and dazzling brilliance, many are beginning to choose white sapphire over traditional stones like diamonds.

Star Sapphires

Star sapphires are a unique and beautiful gemstone that has been used in jewelry for centuries. These gorgeous gems, which come in black star sapphire, grey star sapphire, and blue star sapphire, have an amazing property known as asterism. When the light hits these stones from certain angles, a six-pointed star appears on the surface. This natural phenomenon is unlike any other gemstone out there and makes star sapphires truly stand out from the crowd.

These majestic stones have been revered by civilizations throughout history for their beauty and spiritual significance. It is said that wearing a star sapphire brings its wearer luck and prosperity. In some cultures, they even believed these stones had healing properties to cure ailments such as fever or pain relief.

Orange Sapphires

Orange sapphire is a beautiful colored gemstone that often appears in yellow and pink hues, but some orange sapphires have an intense orange hue that stands out.

The color of an orange sapphire can range from pale to vivid depending on the amount of chromium present in its chemical composition. This makes them highly sought after by collectors and jewelers alike due to their unique coloring. Orange sapphires are also known for their hardness similar to all corundum and durability which make them perfect for everyday wear as jewelry or decorating luxury items like watches or even furniture.

Green Sapphires

Green sapphires are a rare and beautiful option for those looking for an affordable gemstone. Heated green sapphires are especially sought after, as they can be further enhanced with heat treatments to bring out their distinctive color. The stones come mainly from African and Australian Sapphire, making them both unique and accessible.

Heated green sapphires have a wide range of attractive colors, ranging from deep forest green to lighter shades of mint. These gems can often be found in antique jewelry or settings made with white gold or silver bands. Their beauty makes them highly desirable among collectors and fine jewelry enthusiasts alike.

4Sapphire Tradenames

The most widely sought-after variety of sapphires are the blue sapphires found in nature, but many other colors have become popular over time as well. Gemologists have developed several trade names to distinguish between different types of sapphires based on their color and origin.

The most common tradenames used to describe different shades of blue sapphires are:

Royal Blue Sapphires

Royal blue sapphires are some of the most stunning and have a vivid hue that is mesmerizing, captivating viewers with its brilliant sheen. Drawing attention from admirers for centuries, these magnificent stones have been a favorite among jewelry lovers for generations. Whether it be in a beautiful sapphire necklace or an exquisite engagement ring, the royal blue sapphire is sure to make a statement.

Cornflower Blue Sapphire

Cornflower blue sapphire is a beloved gemstone among gemstone enthusiasts. Its special pastel hue, which can range from light to dark in intensity, is one of the most popular colors for this luxurious stone. This eye-catching shade of blue has an undeniable allure that attracts many admirers.

Peacock Blue Sapphire

Peacock blue sapphire is a unique and exquisite gemstone, often likened to the vibrant hues of a peacock feather. It is known for its velvety-like effect that captivates admirers with its mesmerizing beauty. This shade of Blue gemstone is one of the most rarest of all blue sapphire colors.

5Characteristics and Properties

Sapphire is a beautiful and luxurious gemstone that is highly prized for its vibrant colors and durable nature. This precious stone is well known for its hardness, which makes it one of the strongest gemstones available on the market. With a Mohs hardness rating of 9 out of 10, sapphires are extremely resistant to scratches and wear, making them an ideal choice for use in jewelry.

The luxury factor associated with this stunning gemstone has made it a favorite among many celebrities throughout history. Sapphires come in various shades ranging from pink to blue, which makes them incredibly versatile and very desirable in the world of fashion. Those looking for a luxurious yet timeless piece should definitely consider selecting sapphire jewelry.

September brings cooler temperatures, pumpkin spice lattes, and a beautiful sapphire stone. Sapphires are the traditional birthstone for those born in September. With its incredible beauty, it’s no wonder that sapphire is one of the most well-loved gems around the world today as the September birthstone.

Famous Sapphire Stones

The most famous blue sapphire engagement ring was of Princess Diana Ring which features a beautiful vivid blue unheated blue sapphire. Other notable large blue sapphire will be the Logan sapphire and the famous Rockefeller sapphire.

6Sapphire Stone Sources and Origin

The sapphire stone has its origins in numerous countries, including Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, Australia and many African countries such as Madagascar and Tanzania.

Sri Lanka Sapphire (Ceylon Sapphire)

Sri Lankan sapphires are known to be one of the oldest sources of these precious stones. For centuries, Sri Lanka has been a major source and producer of fine blue sapphires in the world. In addition to producing beautiful stones, these mines also provide livelihoods for thousands of people living in this region.

Thailand Sapphire

Thailand is renowned for its wealth of precious gemstones and sapphires are no exception. The country’s natural resources of these dazzling blue stones have made Thailand a major supplier in the global market, with the majority being mined in Kanchanaburi province.

Kanchanaburi is home to some of the most valuable sapphires found in Thailand, and has been supplying them for centuries. Mining began as early as the 18th century when local villagers discovered extensive deposits around the Sai Yok district.

Burma Sapphire

Burma sapphire is a type of gemstone that has been mined in the Mogok region of Burma since ancient times. With their striking blues and purples, these gems have captivated collectors for centuries. Burma sapphires are renowned for their exceptional beauty and clarity.

During the 19th century, British miners began to extract them from nearby mines and export them to Europe and America. This led to an influx of foreign buyers who valued Burma sapphires for their rarity and quality. The modern-day gem industry continues to be largely centered around Mogok, as it is home to some of the world’s finest gems.

India Sapphire (Kashmir Sapphire)

India sapphire is one of the rarest and most valuable types of sapphires in the world. This precious gemstone is found primarily in Kashmir, India, making it a sought-after commodity among gem collectors. The Indian sapphire has been prized for its brilliant blue hue since ancient times and continues to be highly desired today.

Madagascar Sapphire

Madagascar is home to some of the world's most beautiful sapphires. With a new deposit recently discovered, Madagascar sapphires are becoming increasingly sought after due to the excellent quality of these large gems.

These magnificent gems have the potential to become a leading source of high-quality sapphire on an international scale.

Ethiopia Sapphire

Ethiopia is renowned for its stunning opals, and now a new deposit has been discovered. Located in the Wollo Province of Northern Ethiopia, the newly discovered deposit is located within basaltic rocks.

Montana Sapphire

Montana sapphires are a treasure of the United States. These teal sapphires can be found in the gravels of Montana, and they have been mined since the late 1800s. They come in a variety of colors, from deep royal blue to rich green hues.

These gems recently gained notoriety after being featured prominently on television and in magazines. As a result, more people are beginning to appreciate the distinctiveness associated with owning a Montana Sapphire as part of their jewelry collection.

Australia Sapphire

Australia is renowned for its abundance of sapphires. For many decades, miners have been unearthing the precious gemstones from the depths of the Earth. In recent years, Fura Gems Inc., a Canadian-based mining company has made considerable headway in this area with their expansive and growing blue sapphire operations in Australia.

Fura Gems Inc. has had a presence in Australia since 2018 and is currently mining sapphires from two locations - Rubyvale and Anakie, both located within the state of Queensland. These sites offer an array of blue sapphires ranging in color intensity and quality that are sought after by jewelry makers around the world.

Fura Gems Inc.'s robust mining processes ensure that minerals extracted from their sites are carefully monitored while still maintaining standards consistent with global best practices.

7Chemical Composition Table

Mineral Corrundum
Chemistry Al2O3
Color Light - Deep Blue
Refractive Index 1.762 - 1.770
Birefringence 0.008 - 0.010
Specific Gravity 4.00
Mohs Hardness 9.0

8Sapphire Stone Care

Caring for your sapphire stone is of the utmost importance if you wish to maintain its beauty. With the right technique, it can be kept sparkling and bright for years to come.

The first step in caring for a sapphire stone is washing it gently with warm water and a mild soap or detergent. Avoid using any abrasive materials that could scratch the surface of the stone. If cleaning your sapphire with a brush or cloth, use soft bristles and make sure not to scrub too hard as this could damage its delicate structure. After washing, rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow it to air dry before storing away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

You should also take care when handling your sapphire as oil from the skin can dull its natural sparkle over time.

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