Montana sapphire is a precious stone that has become increasingly popular for its beauty and rarity, with many claiming it to be the pride of the United States. These sapphires are found in various places of Montana and these sapphires are renowned for their stunning blue hues and have been cherished by jewelry makers and collectors alike. Despite its relatively recent emergence, Montana sapphire has quickly become one of the most sought-after stones in the world.

1Montana Sapphires History

Montana has a rich history of sapphire mining, with the first discovery in 1865 by gold miners near Helena. Over time, more deposits were discovered throughout the state, including the famous Rock Creek deposit.

Rock Creek Sapphires are known for their unique colors and high quality. The deposit was first discovered in 1892 by miners who noticed small blue stones while digging for gold. Soon after, sapphire stone mining became a major industry in Montana with over 200 active mines at its peak.

Although mining was interrupted during World War II, it resumed after the war and continued until the 1980s when foreign competition made it difficult to compete economically. Today, Rock Creek Sapphires (Missouri River) are still sought after by collectors and jewelry makers alike for their beauty and rarity.

2Montana Yogo Sapphires

Montana Yogo Sapphire is a rare and prized gemstone amongst all Montana Sapphires. These sapphires are unique due to their naturally rich blue color, which is not typically associated with rough Montana sapphires and considered to be extremely rare. The blue-green color of Montana Yogo Sapphires is caused by the presence of iron and titanium within the stone which is sometimes also considered and called Teal Sapphires.

The name “Yogo” comes from the location where these sapphires were first discovered – Yogo Gulch in Montana. The area has been mined for over 100 years, but it wasn’t until 1984 that the unique properties of these sapphires were fully realized. Since then, they have become highly sought after by collectors and jewelry designers alike.

The rarity and beauty of Montana Yogo Sapphire’s intense colors make them a valuable addition to any collection or piece of jewelry.

3Montana Sapphire Treatments

Heat treatment is a common practice in the gemstone industry that involves heating a stone to high temperatures to improve its color or remove impurities. In the case of Montana sapphires, heat treatment can significantly enhance their blue hue and make them more vibrant. This process is done using specialized equipment in a controlled environment by experienced professionals.

It’s important to note that heat-treated sapphire does not affect the durability or value of Montana sapphires. It simply enhances their appearance by bringing out the natural beauty that is already present within the stone.

4Montana Sapphire Jewelry

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Most Montana Sapphire found in the USA is precision cut which brings out the best luster from the gemstone. The most common shapes and cuts are rectangular Emerald Cut and Round Brilliant Diamond Cut.

Montana Sapphire Ring

When it comes to engagement rings, couples often look for something that not only symbolizes their love but also lasts a lifetime. For those seeking an extraordinary and classic choice, the Montana sapphire engagement ring offer the perfect combination. With a hardness score of 9 on the Mohs scale, these sapphires are one of the most durable gemstones available. This makes them ideal for daily wear and tear without losing their shine or brilliance.

The royal blue sapphire hue of Montana sapphires is enchanting and appealing to many. It’s no wonder that they were chosen as the centerpiece stone which is similar to the famous Princess Diana’s engagement ring. In addition, Montana sapphires are ethically sourced from mines in America and are known for their high quality.