A trade show is a great way for you to meet us, and for us to meet you. It’s coming up to that time of year where everybody is buying gifts for loved ones, spreading joy across the world and reuniting families. Here at Star Lanka, we are no different. We like to make people happy and spread the joy with our extensive range of gemstones. In order to spread more joy this amazing month, we are giving you the chance to meet us at the Beijing International Jewellery Fair, on the 13th of December. So why not come along, say hello and see some samples of our products?

1About the Beijing International Jewellery Fair

It has been called the “most comprehensive jewels and gem show in the world”. That means there are a lot of people there, most of which are the top gemstone distributors in the world. We are proud to be amongst these elite gemstone enthusiasts, buyers and sellers alike. It is a great feeling to be amongst the best in the industry, and we are glad to have made it. The trade show is a chance for everyone in the gemstone industry to get together. There we can share ideas, products and current trends. It is also a great place to learn about new technologies and ways to improve our business. Whether that be through customer feedback or new technologies that help promote our product. Or by simply by continuing to do what we have become so good at: Looking after our customers.

2Reasons why you should attend the trade show

If you are a gemstone enthusiast at any level and are looking to attend one event before 2018 is over, then this is the event for you. Find out about new things that are developing in the gemstone and bead industry. Discover rare stones and exotic jewellery that would make an excellent addition to your collection. Stay up to date with current trends and find out what is expected to be hot next year. As a collector, this is the must attend fair of the year. You will also get a chance to meet us and ask any questions you might have. Ask about anything regarding our organisation and/or customer satisfaction, and/or products.

If you are a jeweller yourself or a distributor, then come meet us so we can show you our long list of products. We can discuss prices, quantities and shipments. Everything we can possibly do to help you and guarantee your satisfaction, we will do our best to achieve. So, regardless of if you are a collector or a business, come visit our booth at the Beijing International Jewellery Fair this December to find out what we can do for you!

3Additional information

The trade show will be held at the China International Exhibition Centre in Beijing, between the 13th and 17th of December 2018. There is estimated 200 participants, so there will be a lot for you to see and do, without. Of course, forgetting to visit us.