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Gemstone trending at BaselWorld 2019

Gemstone trending at BaselWorld 2019

The show has recently finished, but we can clearly say that gemstone trending at BaselWorld will be a great success. There were thousands of jewellers and stores at the show, with tons of guest speakers and more. But what natural stones took the spot light? Which gem shone the brightest? Not only did the gems themselves trend,…

2019 Tucson gem show - IMG 8363

2019 Tucson Gem and Jewelry Fair Highlight from Starlanka

[add_single_eventon id=”109956″ ev_uxval=”1″ show_excerpt=”yes” ] The history of the Tucson Gem show The first fair was held in 1994 and only had a total of 35 booths. It did not take long for the GJX to become the fastest growing show in the history of Tucson’s gem industry. The show now proudly boasts nearly 700…
Trade fairs in Tucson

Gem Trade Fairs & Show list 2019

As a company, Star Lanka prides itself in attending multiple trade shows, jewellery fairs and other important industry events throughout the year. And 2019 will be no different! What the calendar looks like next year Let’s take a look at the key dates and locations that Star Lanka will be attending next year. Amongst this…