The show has recently finished, but we can clearly say that gemstone trending at BaselWorld will be a great success. There were thousands of jewellers and stores at the show, with tons of guest speakers and more. But what natural stones took the spot light? Which gem shone the brightest? Not only did the gems themselves trend, but the way they should be cut and used were also trends to come out of the event. Just be warned, minimalist designs are the way forward.

  • A bit about BaselWorld
  • gemstones look in 2019 from BaselWorld

1A bit about BaselWorld

BaselWorld is the most important event of the year for the industry. When it comes to watches, gemstones, jewellery and everything related, this show is a must-go. So, you can imagine that the trends that come from the event will have a worldwide impact. Because, this is the biggest stage for innovators to show off their new designs, features and fashions to a crowd full of eager buyers. So, for anyone who wants to influence the industry in 2019 or anyone who wants to know how 2019 will shape out for the industry, they go to BaselWorld. This is where gemstone trending at BaselWorld 2019 all begins. The biggest event of the year.

2What gemstones to look out for in 2019 from BaselWorld

There was one natural gemstone that really took centre stage this year at BaselWorld, and that was the Ruby. There was a wide selection of ruby designs for a large range of jewellers, all using them in their own way. Jewellers, such as Faidee, used 24 rubies to create a stunning necklace, weighing in at almost 80 carats. This piece contrasted with Picchiotti’s huge 8.05 carat ring, which is a single ruby surrounded by differently cut diamonds. So, however you use rubies, they will be an important gemstone for 2019.

Ethically minded gemstones

Another focus from the Gemstone trending at BaselWorld 2019 were stones being responsibly mined. Many large jewellers have partnered up with Gemfields (just like us here at Star Lanka have) to ensure that the natural gemstones they use in their pieces are reliably sourced. Emeralds sourced from Gemfields’ reliable and ethical mines were the centre of attention for some jewellers. Other focus were brightly coloured stones.

Sapphire and Amethyst also took centre stage as gemstones trending at BaselWorld 2019. Other bright and playful stones such as Tourmaline were also present. If you are looking for natural stones with bright colours, there really are none better than Tourmaline. Bright colours suit both Spring and Summer.

And of course, Diamonds

Diamonds will never go out of fashion and will always be a beautiful companion for any gemstone trending at BaselWorld 2019. Different cuts and styles where all present at the show. From abundant amounts in necklaces to more subtle cuts added to a ring with a colourful natural gemstone.

If you are looking to enjoy BaselWorld for yourself and want to keep up with the trends of 2020, book your tickets now!

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