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2019 Tucson gem show - IMG 8363

2019 Tucson Gem and Jewelry Fair Highlight from Starlanka

[add_single_eventon id=”109956″ ev_uxval=”1″ show_excerpt=”yes” ] The history of the Tucson Gem show The first fair was held in 1994 and only had a total of 35 booths. It did not take long for the GJX to become the fastest growing show in the history of Tucson’s gem industry. The show now proudly boasts nearly 700…
rubies for sale - ruby

Rubies for sale, get your rubies here!

Rubies for sale on Star Lanka have no rivals in the gemstone market. Mined in the Mozambique region of Africa, this is the most valuable of all African rubies. This is because of its high transparency and brilliant red hue. Coloured gemstones, as opposed to say Diamonds, suffer from supply fluctuations and pricings are difficult…