Now the festive period is over, we are looking at January birthstone color. Because those born in the first month of the year have the fortune of having Garnet as their both stone. Why does that make them fortunate? Well, because Garnet has one of the widest color variety in the gemstone world. Commonly known to be a deep red color, it ranges from oranges and yellows, to vibrant greens and purples. There are also garnets that chance color depending on the light the shines on it. This makes the January birthstone color very interesting.

1The colors of Garnets

Garnets come in such a wide range of colors because garnet is an umbrella name for several different minerals. Five of which are considered as important as gems. Those five are: pyrope, almandine, spessartine, grossular and andradite. Grossular is without doubt the most colorful of these five, ranging from yellow, through different shades of orange and red, as well as a powerful bright green called tsavorite. Pyrope and almandine are the simples of them, ranging from red to purple. Spessartine comes in a range of oranges and yellows, and finally andradite comes in mostly yellow through to green, and is known as Demantoid.

2Color-Changing Garnet

The large range of garnet types means that you can find a colorful stone to suit any taste, and still be gifting January’s birthstone. Furthermore, you can find color-changing garnets. These stones will change color depending on the light that reflects on them. They can go from having a greenish hue outdoors or in natural light to being red, almost purple in other lights, such as incandescent lights. The color changing phenomena is often confused for pleochroism. Pleochroism is the ability to change color depending of the viewing angle. However, this extremely rare garnet changes color with light, not viewing angle.

This is because of its mineral composition, because it is made up of a combination of other different types of garnets.

3Curiosities about Garnets

Garnets are said to bring the wearer wealth, happiness and good health. For example, in Indian astrology, it is said that the stone will push out all ill thoughts and feelings, such as guilt or depression, out of the wearer. Bringing with it positive feelings such as happiness and forgiveness. Furthermore, it would help clear the mind and promote clearer thinking and peace of mind. During Medieval times the gem was believed to help with many inflammatory deceases and calm the anger of the heart. For centuries, the January birthstone color, as been seen as a gemstone of protection. Keeping travelers or sailors safe outside of their homes, in far away lands.

4Taking care of your garnet

Garnets are of medium hardness, softer than the big three (diamonds, rubies or sapphires) but stronger than say opal or pearls. Therefore, it can easy scratch if rubbed against the harder stones, or it can scratch the weaker ones. This means garnets aren’t ideal everyday use gems. So, bear that in mind! You can easily clean your garnet with a soft brush and warm soapy water.

What is January Birthstone?

Garnets the the birthstone for January. Some of the popular garnets are Rhodolite Garnet, Spessartite Garnet, Tsavorite Garnet