Traditional Birthstone Chart

As a reputable jeweler, we're here to assist you in selecting the perfect birthstone jewelry to celebrate your birth month. Our comprehensive birthstone chart reveals the exquisite birthstones for each month, showcasing a diverse range of colors to suit your preferences.

Each month of the year has one or more birthstones. Each stone comes with its own distinct beauty, extensive history, and unique meaning. From April’s classic diamond birthstone to July’s striking ruby birthstone, there is so much to uncover about each stone. So, scroll down this list and discover more about your birthstones by month.


From its striking dark red color to its interesting folklore, there is so much to discover about January’s birthstone: the garnet. Learn more about this unique stone here.


While February may be known as the month of love, its birthstone, the amethyst, steals the show completely. With its Ancient Greek background and vibrant varieties, click here to find out about this birthstone.


With birthstones such as aquamarine and bloodstone, who doesn’t love March? While both of these stones are known for their beauty, each has its own interesting story to tell. Learn more about these stones here.


Few gemstones are as iconic and timeless as the diamond, and those born in April are lucky enough to call it their birthstone. Find out more about its tough durability and classic beauty here.


Beloved for its bold green color and fascinating history, the emerald has remained a timeless gem. But for those born in May, it’s just their birthstone. Brush up on your knowledge of emeralds here.


What makes June so unique? It’s three birthstones, of course! Learn more about the alexandrite, pearl, and moonstone here.


Known for its bold and eye-catching red color, the Ruby is more than just July’s birthstone. From its many varieties to strong durability, brush up on your gemstone knowledge here.


Those born in August have the ability to call all three of these gemstones their birthstone. Not only extremely beautiful to look at, the peridot, sardonyx, and spinel each have their own story to tell. Learn more about these stunning gemstones here.


With its vibrant blue color and stunning shape, you can’t go wrong with a sapphire. From it name meaning to its unique varieties, polish up on your sapphire knowledge here.


Those born in October are lucky enough to get to choose between two stunning gemstones (the opal and tourmaline, of course!) for their birthstone. From its iridescent shades to its extensive history, learn more about these stones here.


Topaz and Citrine can brighten up any cold November weather. Get to know all the shades of these birthstones here.


December would not be complete without these three stunning birthstones: Tanzanite, Turquoise, and Zircon. From being one of the oldest minerals on earth to their durability, hone your knowledge of these gemstones here.