For the month of November, there are two birthstones: the topaz and citrine. Both of these stones come in beautiful colors and have their riveting own story to tell. From its name meaning to durability level, here is everything you need to know about topazes and citrines.

1Stone Facts

november birthstone - topaz ring
While the topaz and citrine are praised for their beauty, there is so much more to know about these stunning gems. To start, here are some fun facts about the stones!
Ancient Greeks would wear topaz because they thought it could give them physical and mental strength. 
Since natural citrine is rare, so many of these stones sold are usually synthetic or lab-created. 
An Imperial topaz has the rarest topaz color, as less than 1% of topazes have a red hue. 
The name citrine likely comes from the Latin word citrina or the French word citron, both meaning yellow. 
Topaz can grow in granites, pegmatites, rhyolites, and even lava flows!

2Stone Variety

There are five main varieties of topaz: imperial topaz, azotic topaz, mystic topaz, white topaz, and blue topaz. These different types can usually be identified by their color or price, as the imperial topaz has a rare color that makes it the most valuable form of topaz. 
Citrine, on the other hand, also come in many different colors and cuts. However, some of the main types of citrine are yellow citrine, golden citrine, Madeira citrine, palmeria citrine, and fire citrine. These stones can be identified by their bright color or distinct shape. 

3Stone Durability

When purchasing your birthstone, it is important to know how durable your stone is. As some stones are not meant to be worn daily, while others can survive being dropped and receive little to no blemishes. 
To start, citrine has been rated a 7 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. This shows us that citrine is a fairly durable stone that can be used daily. It does not gain scratches or crack easily. However, this stone is not invincible. If you’re going to wear or use it daily, you should be somewhat careful.
As for the topaz, it was rated an 8 on the Mohs scale. This means that the topaz is more durable than the citrine and can also be worn daily. If you accidentally drop a topaz, you won’t have to worry about it scratching or breaking easily. 

4Stone Care

Cleaning the topaz or citrine is fairly easy, but extremely important. By taking good care of your stone, you are ensuring that the stone will have more longevity and look brand new. 
Topazes and citrines can be cleaned similarly. All you need is mild, unscented soap and a lint-free cloth. Simply cleanse your stone with the soap and some water, and then dry it off with your cloth. If you want to keep your stone looking its best, you can also have it professionally cleaned once a year.