Those lucky enough to be born in the month of March, their March gem stone are time when the seasons change to Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and luckily have two birthstones:

While both stones are very different in appearance, they share similar powers to protect the wearer and both are surrounded by myths and legends. The Most famous Birthstone for March is Aquamarine.

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1Aquamarine: History, Meaning, Beliefs

Aquamarine is also believed to have soothing and calming influence over the wearer, even in the most trying of circumstances. This is effect is even more potent in married couples, which is why it is the gift for a 19th wedding anniversary.

The gem is related to Emeralds as they are both members of the beryl family. The difference being Aquamarines get their color from iron impurities, whereas, Emeralds get their color from traces of chromium. During the 19th century, greener and darker Aquamarine gemstones were favored. Today, it is the bluer a stone is, the rarer and more valuable it is, thus making them far more popular.

Famous Aquamarine Stones

On 1936, the Brazilian government gifted Eleanor Roosevelt with a dark blue, rectangular, step-cut stone weighing in at 1,298 carats. It was the largest of two stones faceted from a rough piece of Aquamarine that weight 1.3 kg or 2.9 lbs. It now has a permanent residence in the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum in New York. Another magnificent example of this beautiful stone is housed at the Smithsonian Institution, and is the Dom Pedro Aquamarine, which weighs 10,363 carats, which is around 4.9 lbs. It is believed to be the largest cut aquamarine in the world. It is a 14 inch, or 36-centimeter obelisk fashioned by Berndt Munsteiner, a famous German lapidary, using a fantasy cut technique.

Another famous Aquamarine was gifted from the President of Brazil to Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.  The gift was a necklace and earring set which she later added to her commission of the Brazilian Aquamarine Tiara. A piece of jewelry she can still be seen wearing today.

Taking Care of Aquamarine Jewelry

Aquamarine Gemstone has a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs Scale, which means it can be worn as an everyday piece. They are easy to keep clean too, using only warm soapy water and a toothbrush to scrub out the dirt where it might accumulate and bring back its natural shine. You can also use ultrasound cleaning or steam cleaning so long as there are no fractions or liquid inclusions in your gemstone.


Bloodstone is also known as heliotrope and is a variety of chalcedony. It is traditionally semi-translucent in color to dark opaque green with red inclusions. These inclusions are caused by iron oxides, especially haematite. The alternative name from these stones, heliotrope, derives from Ancient Greek. It means “to turn the sun”. The reason behind this is because it was believed that if you placed this stone in water it would turn the sun red. The name Bloodstone is a Christian name, as it was believed some of the red patterns represented the blood of Christ.

The stone has ben believed to give the wearer increased strength, invisibility and preserving youth and good health. In today’s society, the gem is believed more to be a good luck charm, worn by athletes looking to increase their strength and compete and the highest level. In India, these fine stones may be crushed up and prepared as an aphrodisiac.

While the Bloodstone may not rival its March birthstone partner in beauty, many admire the gemstone for its properties and beliefs. The gems are usual cut as cabochons, but you may find striking examples of faceted Bloodstones.


Most Bloodstones are sourced from India, although, they may be found in Brazil, Australia, China and the USA.

Taking Care of Bloodstone Jewelry

Bloodstone is softer than Aquamarines, coming in at 6.5-7 on the Mohs Scale, so it is important to keep it wrapped up in a soft cloth when not in use. Avoid harsh chemicals too, such as bleach. The best way to take care of your Bloodstone is to clean it with warm soapy water and dry it with a soft cloth.