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2019 spring colors - Lilac Flowers Purple Flowers Bloom Closeup 2670491

2019 Spring colors and their matching gemstones for Jewelry

Spring is rapidly approaching, and it is crucial to look your best for this time of year! Spring brings out all the bright colors and fresh new smells of flowers. And like flowers, we too get new colors and wear them with a smile on our faces. So, you need to get your Spring colors…

Rubellite & Gems

The origins and value of Rubelite

Rubelite is a beautiful and curious stone. Know for it’s pinkish and red tones, similar to rubies, it makes great jewellery pieces and is in high demand. Their hardness of 7 to 7.5 and the fact that they have no cleavage are the reasons they make ideal stones for jewellery. The value of the stone depends…