Anyone who has seen the Marvel Universe films knows what the Real Infinity Stones are and what they look like. But for those who aren’t familiar with the franchise, here is a little description. Infinity Stones are powerful gems, each with their own particular power, but when united have the power to destroy planets, civilizations and much more.

Their origin is said to be from six figures who existed before the world and the universe was formed. The Big Bang caused these singularities to be transformed into stones, incarcerating their powers and thus, creating the Infinity Stones. The six infinity stones names and what are infinity stones made of are

1The space stone

real infinity stones - space stone natural gemstones 1


Blue Sapphire – Aquamarine – Tanzanite

The Space Stone is found in the Tesseract and has the power to open portals to other realms of the universe. We first hear about this stone in Captain America: The First Avenger. As the name would suggest, it gives the holder the power to control space. It is a stunning shade of bright blue which closely resembles natural gemstones such as Sapphire, Aquamarine or Tanzanite. And for the ultra rich some Paraiba Stone as well.

2the mind stone

real infinity stones - mind stone real gemstones


Citrine – Yellow Tourmaline – CHRYSOBERYL

Again, as the name suggests, this stone gives the beholder the power to control minds. In the marvel’s avengers continues, the stone is part of Loki’s sceptre, seen for the first time in Avengers. And this stone becomes Vision, a supernatural being who has great powers in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Its colour is a yellow similar to the sun in brightness and in tone. You could easily resemble it to crystals such as  Citrine, Yellow Tourmaline or Chrysoberyl.

3the reality stone

real infinity stones - reality stone natural gemstones


ruby – rubellite – rhodolite

Also known as Aether, which is a liquid manifestation of the stone’s power. First seen in Thor: The Dark World, The Reality stone gives the beholder the power to control matter and turn light into darkness. The stone is a deep red, with purple tones, similar to Mozambique Ruby, Rubelite or Rhodolite.

4the power stone

real infinity stones - power stone real gemstones



Seen for the first time in Guardians of the Galaxy, this stone gives the holder unbelievable energy and power, enough to destroy planets, cities and the likes. It is a stunning shade of purple which resembles Amethyst and Purple Tourmaline.

5the time stone

real infinity stones - time stone real gemstones



Making its debut in Doctor Strange, this magnificent green stone allows the beholder to control time, meaning you can either fast-forward or rewind any scenario. It is found in The Eye of Agomoto. Similar in colour to EmeraldsTsavorite, Green Tourmaline & Chrome Tourmaline as well.

6the soul stone

real infinity stones - soul stone real gemstones



While the powers of the stone are unclear in the movies, in the comics, the stone grants to power of capturing and controlling people’s souls. It’s a stunning shade of orange similar to Spessartite Garnets, Fire Opal or Orange Tourmaline.

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Make your own Infinity Stones

With this list you can now make your own Infinity Stones from natural gemstones. Either as a jewellery collection or as a collection of beautiful gems. No matter which, they are bound to attract everyone’s attention.

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how many infinity stones are there

There are total 6 infinity stones