PadparaDscha Sapphire

Padparadscha Sapphire is one of the rare but attractive and incredible stones. It is one of the absolute favorite trendy stones and gives unique looks to jewelry pieces. There were many other stones, but they didn't match the bay of Padparadscha Sapphire. It has a unique mix of pink and orange shades.

Padparascha Sapphire

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It comes in two mixed colors that give an ancient look. So if you want to get the unique stone with an eye-catching look, then Natural Padparadscha Sapphire is the best option. Moreover, it has the tropical lotus flower that describes the word Padparadscha. We will share everything about the Padparadscha Sapphire, including its value, color, origin, properties, and maintenance care. So let's dive into it.

Gemstone Attributes

Mineral Corrundum
Chemistry Al2O3
Color Orange
Refractive Index 1.762 - 1.770
Birefringence 0.008 - 0.010
Specific Gravity 4.00
Mohs Hardness 9.0


Padparadscha Sapphire is one of the highest value stones that give your money and jewelry set excellent value. The price of Padparadscha sapphire is higher than the other stones. Keep in mind that different factors affect the value of Padparadscha Sapphire. So when you decide to buy the Padparadscha Sapphire, it's essential to consider some factors.

As we already said, the Padparadscha Sapphire has a higher value and is considered one of the most expensive gems. Its price is almost similar to emerald or fine ruby. The actual value of Padparadscha Sapphire is around $30,000 per carat. This price is in US dollars, and you can convert it according to your nationality.

One of the significant factors that affect the cost of Padparadscha Sapphire is its quality. As other stones also come in low or high quality. Similarly, Padparadscha Sapphire is also ordinary in price due to its low quality. The low-quality Padparadscha Sapphire didn't have the same shine, color, and cuts. Moreover, the value of Padparadscha Sapphire also varies according to the size and cut of the stone. It is a fact that when you get the bigger size of Padparadscha Sapphire, it gains more carat and increases its cost.

PADPARADSCHA Sapphire Sources

Initially, Padparadscha Sapphire was found in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and Tanzania. The experts declare that Sri Lanka is the only source of Padparadscha Sapphire stones. So the Sri Lanka city gave us the Padparadscha Sapphire, which is expensive but one of the attractive stones with mixed color hues.

It is a fact that Sri Lanka but now the time changed and Madagascar is producing more stones. Now Padparadscha Sapphire available in the market is coming from Madagascar. But it has some differences in that you can get it at a lower price than the stone coming from Sri Lanka.

The stone coming from Madagascar has more pinkish saturation than orange. It has the saturation difference from Sri Lanka, and it also affects the cost compared to Padparadscha Sapphire coming from Sri Lanka.

PADPARADSCHA Sapphire Properties 

Padparadscha Sapphire has unique properties that make it unique and more famous than other gemstones. The Padparadscha sapphire is more durable with excellent hardness and specific gravity. The refractive index shows the indication of light rays shown by the mineral. Keep in mind that the rightness of Padparadscha sapphire also depends on its refractive index. When there is high brightness, light reflects at different parts towards the back.

Another great property is its trigonal crystalline structures. Generally, gems have a crystalline structure with plane symmetry. Usually, gems have seven symmetry systems. 

Moreover, Padparadscha sapphires have an uneven fracture with no absolute cleavage.


The Colour of Padparadscha Sapphire is a unique characteristic that makes it more attractive. It has a unique coloring that is essential to describe. Almost every user and admirer is attracted to the Padparadscha Sapphire due to its fantastic color properties.

  • Sunset Color
  • Sunrise Color

It has two colors, including pink or orange, towards the orange to pink hue. The mixture of these two colors gives a unique salmon shade. Moreover, keep in mind that all gemstones are exceptional due to their cuts and gain unique colorings. Some cuts have more pink stones, or some have more shades of orange. Similarly, some Padparadscha Sapphire is darker, or others have lighter hues.

Besides all these, the Padparadscha Sapphire has a saturated color that gives more value to the gemstone. Usually, Padparadscha Sapphire has a uniform saturation that helps differentiate from low-quality stones. If it has medium saturation, it has pastel tones and color shades. Knowing about these shades is essential for buying the original and high-end Padparadscha Sapphire.

Padparadscha Sapphire is always famous for its beautiful color and saturation of two shades. This saturation of colors increases the value of gems. Now ensure that you choose the Padparadscha Sapphire in pastel shades that represent the medium saturation and eye-catchy looks.


Padparadscha sapphire didn't demand extensive care for maintaining its longevity. It is easy to care for the Padparadscha sapphire and maintain the quality to increase its durability. You need to follow some essential steps for protecting your Padparadscha sapphire gemstone.

Ensure that you store your Padparadscha sapphire in a separate box to protect its color. Keep in mind that the hard stone can quickly snatch the color of others and damage the gem as they are softer. So it's essential to take proper care of your Padparadscha sapphire gemstone and keep it separate from diamonds and other hand stores.

With the help of proper care, you can maintain the Padparadscha sapphire and its jewelry for longer times with all its beauty.

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